A Special Invitation to a Public Flogging.

Travel is fun, flogging travel is fun, so let’s have fun.

We are introducing tour flogging experiences so please come and get flogged and stay in one of our many floggee hotels etc available at this tour flogging link where you can get flogged by tour guide floggers.

Take a goodly gander at our flogging tours, flogging accomms and adventure and activity flogs all over this tiny planet. Flogging cruises and safaris also take place and are enjoyed by most floggees at - www.thetoptravelclub.com/special-invitation.

Our members have been flogged and new members will be flogged but as newbies they get 50% off but they do get the full flog not just a half flog. 

We offer custom flogging with our Travel Affiliate Program where wannabe floggers will get full ‘no cost’ training for our flogging program and will be shown ‘How to Flog’ and ‘How to Improve Flogging’ by our Flogaffiliate Manager.

We also believe that there are many bloggers who want to be floggers and influencers who may want to influence our flogging techniques but are too shy to go public as yet but to cure their shyness they can find out more from our Flogaffiliate link.

Apologies if this flogration was too much of a flog to get through.

Tony Humphrey, FCA (Flogging Control Agent)

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  • Hi Maureen, How about 'apples and pears' for stairs... 'trouble and strife' for wife... ' a cup of Rosie Lee' for tea and I could go on but I see that you are into Classic Cars... I drove a 73 Merc and a 56 Austin around South America and would really like a 52 MG but regret I do not have the talent to fix it... tony@thetoptravelclub.com or why not take a peek at our Travel Affiliate Program and see if it fits into your own business plans...cheers, Tony (Vancouver, BC.) LinkedIn profile available to check my bona fides (whatever that means!)

  • Ok. That's a new one one me.

  • Get flogging with blogging to produce income as an entrepreneur / sales person … business is selling ...selling is flogging in 'English slang'...a flogger that does not flog may get flogged (fired)….

  • Flogging? Do you mean blogging, or actually flogging?

This reply was deleted.