If you have been to the Seychelles you will know Music is a love of the local people. It will be heard all over the market place in Victoria and on picnic sites all over the Seychelles Islands. You will see people dancing, smiling and just loving life.But where did the origins of the Seychelles Local Kreole Music and Dance come from?While to start the name given to the Seychelles Islands by the Arabs was Zarin Islands which many believe was influenced by the music of the islands.But if you can take yourself to a warm tropical evening under the stars and hear the sounds of the Island. At this time it would have been very diverse you would have heard from the Masters house the sound of European Instruments like the violin and guitar but not far off another very different blend of exotic sounds.The sounds would be a combination of the Tam Tam, Bomb, Zez, Malcalapo and Hand Rattle. It was during this time that dances where created or perfected such as the Contredanse, Camtole, Valse, Kotis, Moutia, Sega, Tingaty, Romances ... This music later evolved and varied from island to island.It is not know the origins of these dances but many believe it originates from Zambia or Senegal. But what we do know is the Seychellois have adapted and improved their local dances yet still be able to retain alot of its ethnic origins using songs and romances for all occasions.There was a time when Seychellois married couples came out of the church with their guests and they all left in a procession with musicians- two fiddles, a guitarist, an accordion, a drummer and a triangle.Chalets d' Anse Forbans is your Ideal Seychelles Holiday Accomodation on Mahe Island. Book NOW your Vacation Rental in Seychelles with Chalets d' Anse Forbans.http://www.forbans.com
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  • Hi Max great to hear from you. Jean Marc Volcy would be a great traditional musician in Seychelles attached is a You tube video. Enjoy and thanks for your comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3DuB20g4Tc
  • Never been to the Seychelles, but I'm definitely into world music. Do you have any audio or YouTube videos or something you could post with examples of this music? It sounds fascinating!
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