I was so thrilled that I am going for my most awaited honeymoon trip. I could not believe that my dream is going to be fulfilled. It is being half a year that I got hitched. Due to several issues, we were not able to make our honeymoon trip. Several places came into our minds. After surfing for a long time on the internet we decided to select a place that is closely related to nature. We both are nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts and we thought Munnar, situated in Kerala will be the best destination for our most memorable honeymoon tour. Actually we wanted to plan our trip by ourselves but our friends told us that planning a trip on our own will be costlier than purchasing honeymoon packages from tour operators. After reading many outstanding reviews on the internet we finally decided to purchase the packages from Dream Holidays. The other major benefit of availing of their services is they provide a friendly tour guide who is able to handle both international and local languages very fluently. As we were hailing from Bangalore, we thought this feature will truly benefit us.

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It is always said that one should visit a serene place soon after the monsoon or during rainy days. It is the splendid time when lush emerald nature drenches in downpours and dazzles in bright sunshine, will truly amuse one’s heart. And when this fascinating moment is compared to a young maiden welcoming the first golden rays of the sun by standing near the window with her drenched hair early in the morning will marvel not only for the young bachelors but for people of all ages too. Our motive was to cherish each and every moment of our romance in the arms of Mother Nature. We started our journey from boarding the flight from Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore to Cochin International Airport in Kerala. The moment we get out of the airport the first thing that we were searching for was our cab driver. He was standing with a board carrying our names. He greeted us with a pleasing smile and kept our luggage in the Diggy. The cab was really excellent. The exterior, as well as the interior of the cab, was well maintained. After a short journey, the comfortable and well-conditioned seats allowed us to stretch our legs and unwind for a while. My hubby inquired about the duration of the journey from the airport to Munnar. He said that it will take nearly 3.5 hours to cover a distance of 115 km from the airport.

We started our journey. At first, we passed several tall buildings, historic monuments, schools, colleges, and also we saw Asia’s largest shopping mall known as ‘Lulu shopping mall’. On the roadsides, we saw many locals struggling for their earnings by working in small huts and shops. On the other side, we saw many students and youngsters running to catch buses so that they could reach their destination on time. The metro rail running above us reminded us of our Bangalore metro. Soon we departed the metro city and gradually entered into semi-urban areas. We started to cross some picture-perfect landscapes. By the time we felt hungry and asked our cab driver to halt in front of any restaurants. He agreed to it. 10 minutes passed he did not stop the cab I reminded him our request he asked us to wait for 5 more minutes. Even though I was feeling very angry with him, the breathtaking views of misty mountains change my mood. As we reached the airport early in the morning, we did not face much traffic. As we were ascending to Munnar, we could see the sun rays slowly wakening up the mist and fog and reminding them it is time to leave. The moment when the mist was uncovering the sloppy mountains was really speechless. I don’t know how to describe that awesome moment. I tried my best to capture that fascinating image and also took a video of it.

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Suddenly the driver stopped the car and asked us to come out. He parked the car under a thick tree and asked to walk for 5 minutes. A walk in the morning really refreshed us. He took us to a restaurant. The restaurant did not have any standard look but the dishes were extremely mouthwatering. As we were savouring snacks we saw a group of people moving towards the north. I asked the driver what is there to see. He said that there is a beautiful waterfall. Oh! Really I said. I did not allow my hubby to finish his tea and urged him to go there. Words were insufficient to describe the gorgeous charm of the waterfalls. I exactly do not remember the name of the waterfall. And what is there in a name. The crystal clear water cascading from a great height fascinated us. Large traffic was seen on the feet of the waterfall. More than the youngsters it was the newly married couples who were having their own quality time (I hope you understood). For some time I enjoyed the beauty of the water burbling the small stones and falling down by sitting on the rock. Later my hubby pulled me to its foot and we really enjoyed those moments. After spending 30 minutes there we continued our journey.

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We started exploring nature. Our next halt was at the spice and tea garden. The emerald meadows were the perfect location for clicking selfies and romantic pictures. We regret not conducting our pre-wedding and post-wedding photo-shoot over there. Many female workers were busy plucking tea leaves. We all know that Kerala is an abode of spices. The soothing aroma from the spice garden delighted our hearts. Inside the garden, there is a shop and we purchased herbal oils, varieties of spices and tea products for our family. Also, we bought a vanilla plant and a special kind of brinjal plant. We ascended to our hotel. Our hotel was positioned on a downhill. Before descending the hotel we were asked to travel to a hill.  The journey was not at all tiring therefore soon after lunch we started our sightseeing. The prominent locations which we visited were Echo point- the place where we brought our hearts into mouth, Mattupetty dam- perfect spot for boating, Pothamedu viewpoint, Attukkal waterfalls, Wonder Valley adventure and amusement park and also conducted a trekking to one of the sloppy hills and many other places were also included in our itinerary.

While enjoying our romantic days we interacted with other travellers who were hailing from different parts of the country just came to visit Kerala by availing of tour packages at cheap price. After spending 3 days at Munnar we bid adieu and moved to Bangalore. We are really thankful to Dream Holidays for curating such a wonderful tour package for us.