9 Wildlife Adventure Tours in Jodhpur

9 Wildlife Adventure Tours in Jodhpur


Jodhpur, famed for its vibrant cultural heritage and majestic forts, also offers captivating wildlife adventures. Ranging from national parks to sanctuaries, here are nine exciting wildlife tours you should experience while in Jodhpur using Rajwada Cab's  cab in jodhpur.


Machia Biological Park: 

Just minutes from the city center, Machia Biological Park provides wildlife enthusiasts a haven. Covered in lush greenery, this oasis features leopards, deer, and birds of various species in their natural environments - visitors can go on guided safari tours through this expansive green space and observe these creatures up close and personal! Rajwada Cab provides convenient transport directly to and from this tranquil retreat ensuring an effortless visit.


Kailana Lake:

Situated just on the outskirts of Jodhpur, Kailana Lake serves not only as an idyllic scenic spot but also as an incredible hub for birdwatching. Visitors can take a leisurely boat ride over its tranquil waters while admiring all of the different species that inhabit its shores - and with Rajwada Cab's convenient cab service in Jodhpur making exploring this natural marvel both convenient and pleasurable!


Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park:

Tucked away beneath Mehrangarh Fort is Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park - an ecological reserve showcasing the breathtaking Thar Desert landscape. Home to native plant species as well as desert wildlife like lizards and desert foxes, visitors can take guided nature walks through its winding trails while admiring nature's exquisite creations. Rajwada Cab offers taxi service in Jodhpur making this hidden gem easily accessible.


Desert National Park: 

For an immersive wildlife experience, head to Jaisalmer's Desert National Park near Jodhpur. Covering vast sand dunes and scrublands, this expansive wilderness hosts a vast range of desert wildlife such as endangered Great Indian Bustard. Visitors can explore it via camel safaris or jeep tours spotting wildlife while taking in stunning desert landscapes; Rajwada Cab's best cab service in jodhpur guarantees an effortless journey into this remote wilderness.


Bishnoi Village Safari: 

Experience Rajasthan's diverse biodiversity and cultural heritage on a Bishnoi Village Safari led by knowledgeable guides. Visitors are taken through traditional villages belonging to the Bishnoi community where they can spot blackbucks, chinkaras and migrating birds in their natural environments. Rajwada Cab offers tempo traveler services in Jodhpur that make these picturesque villages accessible.


Sardar Samand Lake:

Surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests, Sardar Samand Lake provides an idyllic retreat for nature enthusiasts. Birdwatchers will delight at seeing hundreds of migrating bird species flitting about during winter. Visitors can engage in birdwatching sessions or simply relax amidst its serene surroundings - Rajwada Cab's taxi service makes reaching Sardar Samand Lake convenient and hassle-free.


Jaswant Sagar Dam: 

Situated just on the outskirts of Jodhpur, Jaswant Sagar Dam serves not only as an important water source but also offers an ecotourism attraction teeming with birdlife. Visitors can take a boat ride around its reservoir to view various birds such as ducks, geese and herons - not forgetting wildlife like nilgai and foxes! Rajwada Cab provides easy access to this scenic destination via taxi service in Jodhpur; making accessing Jaswant Sagar an ecotourism attraction!


Khichan Bird Sanctuary:

Situated near Khichan town and approximately 140 km away from Jodhpur, Khichan Bird Sanctuary is famous for its population of migrating Demoiselle Cranes that migrate in flocks during winter months to this sanctuary. Additionally, Rajwada Cab's taxi service in Jodhpur ensures a relaxing journey to this birdwatcher's haven.


Jhalana Leopard Safari Park:

At Jhalana Leopard Safari Park in Jodhpur, embark on an incredible leopard safari! Home to an abundance of leopards, this park provides one of the best opportunities in India for visitors looking to witness them in their natural environment. Tour guides lead safari tours along its rugged terrain accompanied by experienced naturalists; with Rajwada Cab services also providing taxi rides that enable wildlife enthusiasts to explore this wilderness with ease.



From lush biological parks to sprawling desert landscapes, Jodhpur offers nature enthusiasts plenty of wildlife adventures. Thanks to Rajwada Cab's reliable Cab Services Jodhpur, exploring these natural marvels is convenient and effortless - from bird watching excursions and safari tours, all the way up to thrilling birding excursions - Jodhpur offers something special for every wildlife enthusiast.

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