8 Forbidden Places In India That Tourists Are Not Allowed Visiting

India is a bucket of tourist destinations and is well-known across the world for its unfailing beauty and iconic landmarks like taj mahal, Qutub Minar, amber fort, but agra taj mahal sunrise tour is one of the most visited hotspots in India. Just out of curiosity want to bring your kind attention to those gorgeous places that cannot be placed on the itinerary due for many reasons. In this post, the best efforts have been put together to comprise the most forbidden places of India that cannot be visited by national and international tourists. Before planning a trip to India, taj mahal closing time must be kept in mind to utilize the value of money and time. This post is elaborated with a few of the forbidden places which are a really sad thing for tourists who want to visit these places but which is not possible without putting your life at stake. Here is a list of these places banned by the Indian government.

Askai chin, Ladakh That Is Known As A Union Territory

Askai chin is one of the disputed lands between India and China which lies in the Ladakh region of India. The territory of Aksai Chin was controlled by China after the war of 1962.  This place is a paradise for mountain lovers and mountain adventures.  This land has many awe-inspiring attractions including salt planes, valleys and gorges, salt lakes, and the untouched Karakash River. This land is a part of LAC which stands for Line of Actual Control and it has seen massive dispute between two countries, but India claims it to be a part of the Ladakh region.

Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh

The wonderful lake like Pangong comes on the list of forbidden places makes everyone surprised in India. The key reason for being declared as a forbidden place is the boundary dispute between India and China. The boundary between India and China is marked by this lake. 50% part of this lake is controlled by the Indian government, and the rest is controlled by China that area cannot be visited by tourists.

Stok Kangri, Ladakh

Stok Kangri is one of the renowned destinations, which has been ruined by over-tourism. It is one of the highest trekking peaks in India. But sooner or later, it will be re-opened for the tourists again.

Mount Kanchenjunga, Sikkim

The mountain Kanchenjunga which lies in the Sikkim state of India is recognized as 3rd highest peak. But the bad news is this it cannot be climbed up by mountaineers from the Indian side. It came under the law of the 1991 act in order to maintain the sanctity of this place has been closed for the tourists. It is reportedly said by the source many foreign tourists who belong to different nations do not pay respect to this place this issue was raised by Buddhists. Thus, it has been one of the most forbidden sites for two decades.


Cholamu Lake, Sikkim

It is very close to the Indo-China border and is one of the highest lakes in the world, and cannot be visited by tourists. Only security forces and administrators can visit this place. The main sources of the water for this lake are glaciers like Zemu Glacier, Pauhunri glacier, Kangtse glacier. The Teesta River is originated from this lake.

Barren Islands, Part Of Andaman And Nicobar Islands

The main reason for not allowing visitors to see Barren Island is this active volcano. In 1991, this volcano erupted and many lives were lost. Since then, tourists have been restricted to visit this place. If someone wants to visit this place, they are only allowed to up to some distance. Being one of the most beautiful sites yet, it ended up on the list of prohibited destinations.



North Sentinel Islands, Which Is A Part Of Andaman And Nicobar Islands

The sentinel island is protected by the sentinel tribe, and they do not want to mix with this world and want to lead their isolated life without having communication with the rest of the world. Their privacy comes under the law “Aboriginal Tribes Act of 1956” which is why this part is prohibited to visit. Reportedly, the number of the people who reside there are in between 50 and 150.  In 2006, within the perimeter of 4 km, tourists are not allowed there in order to respect the wishes of this tribe.

Some Lakshadweep Islands Is Known As Archipelago     

Lakshadweep is a union territory of India is an archipelago that is blessed with a group of 36 islands. But all the islands cannot be visited by tourists, only some of the islands are ready to give warm welcome to its tourists and rest are closed for the tourists. It is mainly due to the strategic location of these islands in the Arabian Sea and many islands of this archipelago have turned into a naval base of the Indian navy.


This post does not mean to create a negative mindset among national and international tourists alike. The main purpose of spreading awareness about forbidden places among tourists only, nothing else. The forbidden sites kill the tourism of India up to some extent due to many reasons. But no need to regret it, we have numerous sites which are man-made and natural that can fill the vacuum easily. One of the leading sites is the Taj Mahal commissioned by the king, which comes on the list of world heritage sites. India is blessed with 38 world heritage sites, which can be a good place for tourists.




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