When it comes down to spending money at the airport, we're usually told to hide away our wallets, not look directly in a shop window and just keep moving until you reach your gate. The thing is, the airport is home to a lot of temptations and, especially when you're at the start of your holiday, it can be a bottomless well of expense when you really should be saving your money for whilst you're abroad. But there are a few items you might consider buying within the confines or the airport. And not just because they might be cheaper.


Hold your horses on letting loose on duty free. When it comes to buying anything on your way out of the country, you're better off making practical purchases that'll help avoid an embarrassing weigh-in. If you're strapped for space in your case, you can forego select items and simply wait until you get to the airport to buy.

Food & Drink

Don't be fooled. Whilst there is a 100ml limit on liquids, you can actually bring food through security as long as its not in a liquid form like yoghurt or jams. So if you're looking to stock up on snacks, you can do so before even arriving at the airport and avoid premium rates added to products stocked in the airport. That said, if you head to trusted chains like WH Smith's or Boots, you can avoid those unfriendly rises in costs and, more importantly, keep hydrated throughout your flight.

Baby Food

Confused by the restrictions on liquids? Whilst airports allow you to bring through enough baby food and unfrozen breast milk to get your baby through the journey, you might find it easier to simply order into one of the shops in the airport. Use the click and collect service and not only can you save the backache of hauling it all the way through check in and security, but there are
Promo Codes For retailers like Boots who have a great range of baby food, formula milk and more.


Especially handy if you're only taking hand luggage, why not just pick up the toiletries you need in the airport. No need to faff about with clear 100ml containers, buy your sun cream, shampoo, deodorant and whatever else you need at the airport. You won't even have to scrimp by on the bare minimum. Buy full sized bottles and ensure you've got enough for the duration of your holiday.


Whilst we wouldn't advise leaving it to the last minute, you should enjoy the ease of picking up your currency in the airport. Whilst exchange rates at the airport are rarely the best, as long as you research from home to get good value for your money, you can easily choose the airport you're flying from as your collection point. By doing this, it's one less thing to remember to pack and is great for securing those last minute decent rates without stressing about it arriving in the post on time.


You've come to the end of your holiday and you're waiting to board your plane back home. If you've got a bit of spending money left over, now is the time to raid duty free and really treat yourself.

Duty Free

When it comes to duty free, we would recommend doing your research, because duty free prices aren't always what they seem. Under the guise we're getting these items at a bargain price, sometimes designer goods are no cheaper than they are buying on your home turf. Certain countries offer the best deals, so really it all depends on where you are in the world and what you're after. That said, duty free is a great excuse to treat yourself and use up any currency you're not bothered about changing back.


You may have avoided temptation and the general tat of local souvenirs whilst out and about, but we're not sure you'll be able to resist once you see them glowing under the fluorescent lights of the airport. In all seriousness, the best souvenirs to take away from a holiday is local food and drink. Unable to take liquids through security, the airport is prime time to buy these items and hold onto the taste of your holiday. Whether you're buying for a gift for someone else or for yourself, perishable souvenirs especially are best bought on your way out of the country.

From saving space in your suitcase to convenience and saving money, why not consider waiting and buying these items once you reach the airport? If nothing else, the airport is your last resort for any of those essentials you somehow managed to forget to pack. Make the most of your money when you're about to go abroad and ensure you have a comfortable flight with our tips.

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