There is a big difference between a traveller and a tourist - for one thing, a tourist only views a place, but a traveller lives the place, breathing it like air and getting lost in its essence. The best travel bloggers not only visit new places and take dreamy pictures but make every moment memorable through the little incidents and simple ways they take in each new destination. Over the years, I've followed a number of such bloggers from the increasingly travel-mad country of India, and here are the half dozen I've found to be the most inspiring:

Shivya Nath

This petite girl, who goes by the moniker "The Shooting Star," has travelled to more than 30 countries and has plenty of  pro tips up her sleeves for other travel enthusiasts. She says, “Go slow! Travelling is never rushing from one place to another. One needs to breathe in the locale to get its full gist.” 

Venkat Ganesh

A man who takes on the world on his motorbike is a sure inspiration for all who love to travel on two wheels.  Venkat calls himself the "BikePacking Trekker"; has travelled to four countries to date; and his one-way ticket destination is Ladakh because of his love for bikes and mountains.

Sonam Lakhani

A full time traveller, lifestyle enthusiast, and fashion blogger, Sonam's blog as well as Instagram account @myhautelife is filled with jaw-dropping pictures of exotic places from around the world. Along with sharing travel tips, Sonam will also advise you on what to wear on your trip, and covers fashion, lifestyle and travel all with aplomb.

Ankita Sinha

This travel junkie has set foot in 18 countries countries so far and has a unique way to convey her love for a place in her blog, creating a fresh essence and feel in her words and photos.

Neelima Vallangi

This software engineer turned full-time traveller is especially crazy for mountains. Her love for the hills attracts her every time to the nature that she beautifully describes in her blog She has visited a dozen countries besides India.

Sandeepa and Chetan

What could be better than having a partner who shares the same passion for travelling as yours?  This lovely, travel-crazy couple is a team when it comes to making unforgettable journeys together.  To date they have travelled to 10 countries as well as most of the scenic spots of India.