7 Key Travel Rules for Itchy Feet


There is no doubt that many people love travelling. It gives them an opportunity to develop a new vision and perception about the world. Most importantly, it is the only golden chance to meet your inner self and talk to your own soul. Bored with our monotonous lives, we start feeling an intense desire to take a break and travel. However, as life has several rules, travelling too has its own rules. If you follow them, you will be able to get the most out of it.     

Let us dive into the world of travelling and discuss some most important things that a traveler should not forget to do

  1. Pack only the important stuff

Packing can be stessful. Never overburden your luggage with unnecessary things. Some comfy clothes, first aid box, toiletries are some basic things that one should carry while travelling. The saying ‘excess of everything is bad’ will be good to keep in mind while packing your bags.

  1. Manage money and control temptations

You should never forget that you have a limited budget and going beyond your limits will be a big problem. Draw a line between desire and temptation and avoid unnecessary expenses. There is a piece of advice here. If you are going for an international tour, then instead of using your savings, take a loan. Availing the guaranteed loans with no guarantor will be a good decision. You can avail these loans without presenting a second applicant by pledging an asset as security. A good credit score or good income status will also help. Travelling adds lifetime experiences and you will never want to spoil that due to insufficient cash.   

  1. Take risk but calculative

There is an adventurer in all of us. When it comes out, new experiences come in our life and we come to know, how daring we are. When you travel let that adventurer come out and take challenges. However, always keep a difference between the excitement and craziness.  If you are afraid of heights, then bungee jumping will help you meet a NEW YOU. But remember if you have a history or heart ailment or currently suffering from some same kinds of problems, then a short distance trekking will be a better thing to do.

  1. Keep an eye on your watch

Several places in the world are most energetic in day hours and go silent in nights. While some other places show their real colour only after sunset and stay crowded whole night. It is always good to know about the lifestyle of the people of a place. It will help you plan your schedule accordingly. If you are a fond fan of belly dance, then there are cities and countries that do not sleep whole night. Otherwise, if you love to go to bed early, it will good to get back to your nest on time.

  1. Currency exchange

In case you are going to some other country, then make sure you have all the arrangements of currency exchange. Usually people do this in their own country before they start to travel but having a backup plan is always required in travelling. It will prevent you from last minute financial chaos.

  1. Connect with people

While travelling try to make new connections. Talk to the local people and you will get to see a completely new picture of the place. The residents know that place better than you. A trader at the local market can you tell you much more than a map or a travel site.

  1. Eat but with care

For foodaholics travelling is a chance to get exposed to new flavors and culinary specialties. Throw a party for your taste buds, but with care. You don’t want to get a stomach bug. It may spoil your schedule and plans. Always pay attention to the quality and do not stuff your belly with too much food. Indigestion can make your nights restless.  

Follow these rules and the explorer inside you will get the enough time to find craft new memories for the years ahead.


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