5 Places to See on your Sri Lanka Tour


Nothing beats going away on a holiday when you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. You not only get an opportunity to relax but also learn new things and have unforgettable experiences. There is no perfect time to visit Sri Lanka, as the country has friendly weather all year-round. An Island country on the south of India and at the edge of the Indian Ocean, it is famous for its beaches and clear sea water, among others. Sri Lanka is endowed with a vast array of the rarest wildlife in the whole of Asia. It is home to some of the world’s most important and recognized historical sites. You can visit ancient and prehistoric monuments and enjoy the beautifully laid landscape. In this blog, we share 5 of the best places to see on your tour of Sri Lanka.

1. Colombo 

There is no way you can enjoy the best of Sri Lanka without going to Colombo. It is the capital city of Sri Lanka located on the coastal lines of the Laccadive Sea. Colombo is twice as fun with a mix of all traditions from all over Sri Lanka and the world gathering on the beaches, town streets, and tourist sites like Gangaramaya Temple, National Museum of Colombo, and the Jami UL-Alfar Mosque. 

2. Maldives 

This is another landmark destination that will never be lost on any tourist’s map. The Maldives is a tropical sensation with 26 ring-shaped atolls making up the Island. You can learn about the spread of the Hindu religion owing to the presence of old Mosques dating back to the 17th-century. On the Islands, you get to enjoy marine life featuring different coral reefs, fish, and whales. You can also cool down from the scorching sun and explore marine life while taking some diving tours. The Maldives is just an hour’s flight from Colombo.

3. Galle

Galle, also known as Fort, sits on the southwest coastlines of Sri Lanka. The buildings surrounding this town tell a story about its past life as a Portuguese, Dutch, and British colony. The best places to visit are the Galle Dutch Fort, Galle Lighthouse, and Lighthouse Street where you will have a blast. In less than 5 minutes you can reach Unawatuna from Galle. Unawatuna has the best beaches and coral reefs that are popular among tourists. Be sure that this spot is included when you buy Sri Lanka Tour Packages.

4. Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is the capital of North Central Province and lies 205 km north of Colombo. Enjoy tours around the World Heritage Site which was the center of Theravada Buddhism for many years. You can also visit the iconic Sigiriya, a massive rock that stands 200 meters on a flat landscape. You get to enjoy an amazing and breathtaking panoramic views of the forests and valleys. 

5. Arugam Bay

This is the main stop if not the one and only stop for all surfers. It is located 320 kilometers east of Colombo. In addition to the perfect waves and lagoons that are popular within surfer circles, you get to swim and surf in the turquoise waters. You also get the opportunity to visit Kumana National Park which is just about 70 kilometers from Arugam. 

Closing up

When traveling to Sri Lanka for the first time, it is best that you learn the laws as well as the customs of the country. Be sure to get vaccinated before you leave for your tour. Find an established International travel agent and go through available Sri Lanka tour packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and other locations in India. You can also go for Sri Lanka-Maldives tour packages that feature all the right stops.