5 Madrid Musts

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In its central area, Spain''s capital has many characteristics that make it stand out among other important cities, which by 2012 made it the thirty-first city most visited worldwide by international tourists, nothing more and nothing less than 4.1 million.

All that there is to see in Madrid, everything that this beautiful city offers to its visitors, you will know it because we will talk about five more important sites that you should visit in Madrid. This city, capital of Spain, has an excellent metro network, good communications, and an airport with great importance in the European framework.

Undoubtedly Madrid with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, and its great hospitality becomes a tourist site that you can not miss, it is the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization and also of the International Tourism Fair. Let's know all these wonderful features or places you have to see in Madrid.


Casa de Campo

If you enjoy and spend the day with your family, you must visit the Casa de Campo, located in the west of the city, this place is an ideal park to observe nature, wildlife, lake, flora. There is not a more perfect and natural place to do your picnics in Madrid.


Temple of Debod

There are so many cool places to see in Madrid, and the Temple of Debod is another of these sites that we want to present you. This is a building of ancient Egypt that is located in this wonderful city, as it was a gift that Egypt made to Spain in the year 1968, and its antiquity is approximately 2,200 years.


Puerta del Sol

A square located at the centre of the city, well known as Spain's Times Square or Picadilly Circus, and where locals gather every New Year's Eve to count down to the clock of the Interior Ministry. There's also a plaque marking SPain's Kilometer Zero, this indicates the origin of the mileage of the different radial roads of the country, right there is the statue of the Oso y Madroño (Bear and Strawberry Tree, top), key icons on the city's coat of arms.


Plaza de Oriente

A beautiful monumental square that houses artistic and historical gardens, together with a sculptural collection; it is presided by two important buildings of the city: the Royal Theater and the Royal Palace. When visiting the Plaza de Oriente you can enjoy the aforementioned buildings, and you can also enjoy your view with the gardens of Sabatin, those of the Cape Noval, and it will be interesting to see the monument to Felipe IV.


Madrid Rio

In Madrid Río Park you will find an immense playful and cultural enclave with historical monuments and children's games such as: swings made with materials that gives the same nature. An excellent place to share in Madrid with family because there is entertainment for adults and children.