5 Great Places For Camping and Hiking in Colorado


Colorado is home to a wide variety of scenery from desert to thick forests. With this variety there is something for everyone. During the summer you have the ability to choose from over 4,000 campgrounds! There are 44 state parks and one state forest. Plus you can be in the shadows of the Great Rocky Mountains that will give you a breathtaking view. So if you are into the outdoors, this is the place for you.

These are five of my favorite hiking trails and campgrounds.

Four Pass Loop

As the name suggests, this has to do with fours. It will take you about four days to complete this trek in the Maroon Bells Wilderness. It’ll take you over four mountain passes where you can see lakes and wildflowers and waterfalls. But this is not for the weak.

Make sure that you are prepared, as there is an 8,000-foot gain in elevation. Will it be hard? Yes. But will it be worth it? Undoubtedly. There are small campgrounds along the Four Pass Loop trail, bring a hammock for sleeping and a stove. Campfires are not permitted here.


Longs Peak

Take a trek to the tallest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park and see for miles in all directions when you get to the top. The trail is 14 1/2  miles round trip, rising more than 5,000 feet in elevation. It will be challenging the entire way but it will be worth every ounce of pain you will feel the next morning.


Crater Lake

Because this list wouldn’t be complete without one that literally anyone can do. By far one of the prettiest sites, it has a lake that you can see yourself and the adjacent mountains in. Starting at Maroon Lake you hike to the also beautiful Crater Lake that allows you to just simply take in the sites without feeling like you are going to keel over. If you are looking for an easier trek, try this one.


Flat Tops Trail-Camping

For camping you can come to this remote, but easily accessible area for some peace and quiet. Trappers Lake Lodge is a great place to go from May to September where you can rent boats, horses and cabins. There is also a quaint general store, restaurant and bar to stop in at. At Trappers Lake you can’t just camp anywhere, but there are additional sites throughout the trail that allow for you to pitch a tent anywhere.  How cool is that?


Buffalo Pass-Camping

Another place for beautiful sites and hot springs resort to sooth all those tired muscles. If you want to get to the top by Highway 14, you’ll need to have a 4x4 vehicle. Up at the top you can get to Summit Lake where you can do some fishing and float in any hand powered boats/canoes, etc. This is a popular spot to go to and has about 15 camping sites that do fill up a quickly. Don’t wait and go late, get there early.


These are only a few of the places you’ll want to check out when you go to Colorado for all your outdoor activities, but there are plenty more. So if you are planning to get outside, check out everything that Colorado has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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