5 Amazing Hiking Routes in the USA

Are you a lover of the outdoors? The adrenaline-hungry athletic type who longs to enjoy the expansive views, looming trees, glacier treks, and impressive geology that is the gift of nature? Then you will love this list of some of the best hiking sites in the United States. While there is no universal agreement as to which exactly are the best hiking sites, this listed post should break the ice…get it? It is worth traveling for.


1.       West Maroon Creek Trail

Location: Colorado

In a state filled with beautiful hikes all through the Rocky Mountains, one towers above the rest. This 10-mile trip follows a rich glacial valley before leading up and over the magnificent 12,480-foot Maroon Pass, connecting the dreamscapes called Apen and Crested Butte. July is usually the best time for this hike, the peak of Colorado’s wildflower season, when waist-high blossoms of red, purple, white and yellow blaze the trail.


 2.       Harding Ice-field Trail, Kenai Fjords National Park

Location: Alaska

Imagine you have been taken back to the ice age in the amazing day hike located close to Seward, in Kenai Fjords National Park. The trail extends four miles, rising steeply from the valley bottom, through the forest and meadow. It then ascends above the tree line and ends in a jaw-dropping view over the Harden Ice-field. The large sheet of snow and ice extends for over 300 sq. miles, spawning 40 glaciers in several different directions.

3.       Precipice Trail, Acadia National Park

Location: Maine

Views of the ocean which can be seen from the mountains of the Northeast areastonishing, and skilled hikerssay that it is a must-hike for every budding hiker. For this, the Acadia National Park is perfect. The steep trail climbs 1,000 ft up tapered ledges on the east side of Champlain Mountain in 0.8 miles, giving it a dramatic (and giddy) view of the rocky coast. Dont be deceived by the short distance, this hike is as strenuous as they come.

4.       Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park

Location: Utah

This eye-popping hike in Zion’s highest rock canyon is 2.4-miles and ends at the peak of Angel’s Landing, a stunning 1,488-foot rock structure with one of the most impressive 360 degree views in the West. The common Angel’s Landing trail ruggedly follows the Virgin River before slowly ascending to “Walter’s Wiggles”, a series of 21 steep twists. The path narrows in the last half-mile, enough to make the National Park Service install chains to grip for added security.


5.       Kalalau Trail

Location: Hawaii

Surroundingthe jagged Napali Coast on the Kauai island, is the 11 mile Kalalau Trail which leads to thehidden beach where it gets its name. The trail offers the only land access to this section of the island. It is mind-blowing in its own way, reaching across five valleys in an unforgettable mix of tropical forestry, sea pali (cliffs) and isolated beaches. Kalalau, the private paradise is what makes this trail so enchanting and awesome for camping.

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