5 of My Favorite Gorgeous Places to Visit


Our planet is a beautiful place, and one lifetime is barely enough to experience it. Count yourself lucky if you can visit at least three of these five places chosen by Edward Granlund, travel enthusiast, which are some of the most breathtaking and gorgeous places on Earth.


Kauai, Hawaii

One might call this a paradise, and you wouldn't be wrong in doing so. It's also one of the rainiest places on Earth, so prepare your raincoats because it's raining cats and dogs here. Palm trees, picturesque wildlife, amazing aquatic life, white sand beaches - you name it, Kauai has it. 

One of the activities here is kayaking, by river or sea, enabling one to see marvelous sights such as valleys, caves, waterfalls, and secluded beaches. But if you'd prefer to go by land, you're welcome to do so. In fact, Kauai is famous for its hikes. “Explore the lush jungle up close and personal-- just remember that you might encounter scratchy plants,” stated Granlund.


Zhangye National Geopark, China

The Earth's paint palette, Zhangye National Geopark (top), is famous for its amazing painted mountains. These rainbow-colored heights are caused by weathering and erosion, and they have created some breathtaking artwork. But if China is out of reach, there is another rainbow mountain called Vinicunca, located in Peru, which comes in a more triangular form.


Railay, Thailand

A wonderland beach peninsula only accessible by boat due to limestone cliffs, Railay contains beautiful white sand beaches accompanied by caves and lagoons. Some activities include rock climbing, paddleboarding, sightseeing, hiking, and even clubbing. If you're feeling adventurous, you can zip line across the land and do other aerial activities, as well as go scuba diving and snorkeling. Enjoy speedboat tours for more high-speed exploring. There is no traffic, just footpaths and boats, making Railay beaches perfect for chilling away from all the roarings of motor engines.


Northern Lights, Iceland

Not feeling chilled enough? Explore Earth's natural disco by visiting Iceland and you will be. Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis and Norðurljós in Icelandic, are collisions between gaseous particles in our atmosphere and charged particles released from Sun's atmosphere, resulting in beautiful light shows. Unfortunately, it's not guaranteed that you will see such a miracle when you visit, so it's a good idea to plan other activities, too, such as exploring gigantic glacier valleys, mountains, and vast icescapes, or freediving under the ice.



The Temples of Bagan, Myanmar/Burma

If you're feeling zen, maybe it's time to explore some Buddhist temples and pagodas. During the height of their kingdom, over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas, and monasteries were built in the Bagan plains. Only 2,200 of them have survived the harsh earthquakes. Once you pay an entry fee, you have the freedom to explore the immense plains at your own leisure. Most of the temples can be explored, too, and there are designated viewing areas that provide a gorgeous sight of the meadows, especially at dusk or dawn. The most striking way would be by hot air balloon, but there are more ground-based ways, too, such as air-conditioned taxis, bicycles, and even good old horse and cart.

Bagan is listed as a World Heritage ¨sacred landscape¨ by UNESCO.

These places only exist on Earth and are unique in the cosmos, and there are thousands upon thousands of gorgeous sights, lands, and cultures - and they're waiting to be explored by someone just like you.



Edward Granlund is a diligent student actively completing a degree in cybersecurity. He skillfully retains his technical competence while the artistic, social, and adventurous facets of his personality flourish. An avid skier, CrossFit devotee, and gifted stock picker, Edward regularly embraces opportunities for personal growth and, because of his innate talents in cybersecurity, his remarkable workplace skills continue to thrive.


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