Do you intend to experience the splendor of Japan very soon? Want to discover what exciting activities you may enjoy during your trip to Japan? If you're preparing to visit Japan for the first time, you may be apprehensive about where to go and what to eat.

Well, you don't need to worry about it because there are several informational websites available to assist you with every aspect. Let's highlight the top three Japan travel guide-related websites for you. Have a look:


On top of our list we have genjitsutouhi.com, which represents the conventional site choice. This is a well-known website that provides instant access to detailed information on Japan's inside culture. If you visit the website's homepage, you will see that it provides information on the sites or attractions you should visit during your Japan vacation.

In the section of the most recent posts, you will find a list of all the blogs that provide information about the greatest and healthiest cuisines available in Japan. Briefly, the site is centred on travel and food-related subjects.

We highly recommend you to visit the website because it is a complete valuable treasure to catch all the inside details about the beauty of Japan!


The second entry on our list is en.japantravel! This has been a blog-like website where you may effortlessly collect every data about Japan. It includes information on the destinations you may visit how to get there, where you can stay and eat, and how you can reach the destination.

The finest aspect of this website is that it informs beginners about the specifics of Japan booking process as well. This factor makes this website an excellent alternative for you. Place the area which you want to visit and catch all the details on just one click.

For the new travellers, who are heading to Japan for the first time, for them this website is not less than a treasure. Go and visit it now!

Japan Tourism Guide

This is yet another well-known travel guide website that you might browse prior to your trip to Japan in 2022. This website is a comprehensive travel resource that provides blogs about the best places to visit in Japan and the restaurants you should eat at.

The finest aspect of this website is that it covers each of Japan's main cities individually. You can visit the website to obtain information about the city you intend to visit.

It will guide you all about the Japan tourism and even take you back into its traditional history as well. A complete guide is available for your assistance to catch the mesmerizing beauty of Japan.


We hope that our guide has provided you with information on the finest places to visit in Japan for the greatest possible travel experience. We have provided you with the top three websites, each of which provides insider knowledge on the greatest attractions and restaurants to visit in Japan. Explore the attractions and bring Japan's splendour closer to you.