3 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is The Best City In Asia

It has been more than two decades since the British handed over the reins of power in Hong Kong to the native rulers and it’s safe to say the city has made astonishing achievements since then. The tourism sector has blossomed, the financial markets are now among the world’s pick of the bunch while the technology industry is among the leading lights of the globe. That said, here are three reasons Hong Kong is Asia’s best city:

1) It is a jungle of skyscrapers and the epitome of city living
Hong Kong’s towering skyline proves a cut above the rest as it comes out on top in both numbers and beauty compared to other cities in the region. With the city playing home to about 1,302 skyscrapers- which mind you betters New York City’s tally by 583- the “Pearl of the Orient” is the very definition of city living. Towering state-of-the-art buildings greet you at every turn with glistening masterclasses surrounding the city in an alluring display of glass, concrete, and steel. The Internal Commerce Centre at the heart of the city cements Hong Kong’s urban might boasting 108-stories and a height that puts it into a compilation of the ten tallest buildings in existence. 

2) Hong Kong is a tropical paradise
Often when a city proves an urban desert it is often at the expense of Mother Nature that is confined to take up the bread crumbs of occupancy. However, that is not the case with this city as it affords the best of both worlds almost in equal measure. Country parks make about 40% of the territory with serene hiking trails and idyllic beaches providing peaceful heavens to get away from the overwhelming modernity to be at one with raw nature in its purest form. Ancient mountains, vivacious forests and deep oceans provide a surprisingly large share of natural relief complimenting to good effect the concrete whose grasp that has taken over the majority of the landscape.

3) The city is always up
“The city that never sleeps” is often a phrase associated with the Big Apple but, in reality, a Hong Kong second is equivalent to a New York minute. That’s just how fast the city is. However, a population always on the move isn’t the best bit, the best part is that, consequently, the nightlife is always buzzing with excitement all throughout the week. Restaurants, lounges, cafes, bars, and clubs are always open and are many and easy to come by. After a night of going wild in the town, you can unwind with a revitalizing message service Hong Kong that really refreshes both the mind and body. The city's reputable sensual Hong Kong massage parlors also offer the most authentic experiences you won't find anywhere else further adding to its many endearing treasures.

If there was any doubt before, it is now extremely clear why Hong Kong is the pride of Asia. Its architecture, public transport network, political, and economic prowess not only give its Asian counterparts a run for their money but also matches those of the most reputable cities around the world. Other reasons that set it apart also include a cash-free system of living and a sumptuous cuisine rich in diversity and taste. It is also worth noting that the city is the cradle of famous Kung Fu legends Jackie Chan, Brue Lee, and Jet Li providing the backdrop for their breakout moments in various hit movies.

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