Sri Lanka is a vast island nation on the Indian Ocean and south of peninsular India. It is a budget-friendly tourist destination in the world. It boasts nature, island tour, and adventure and pilgrimage tour. It is a tourist-friendly nation. Its coordinates are 6° 56′ 0″ North and 79° 52′ 0″ East.

 You must check your alluring Sri Lanka Maldives package includes the below-mentioned ten things to do.

1.Adam’s Peak

 You have to reach Sabaragamuwa to hike this holy mountain peak of Buddhist importance. It belongs to Samanala Ranges in the south-central province. This is an accessible conical peak with an altitude of 7,359-ft above the mean sea level. The sunrise view and the flowing mist are breathtaking to see from this mountain peak.

2.Bentota Beach

 This is a popular golden sand beach of Ceylon. It is the best place for romantic couples to have some privacy and take a sunbath. This beach has shallow seawater, and you can find waves during the high tide only. It is a scenic beach with palm groves on the beachfront.

 3.Dambulla Cave Temple

 This is a UNESCO World Heritage site of cultural importance in Sri Lanka. You can find the traces of Buddhism flourished in this island since the ancient era. You will be stunned to look the caves with Buddha sculptors, stone art, temple, and panting inside the cave.

4.Galle Face Green

 Every tourist will and in Colombo to tour Sri Lanka. You must not miss this most happening beach of Lanka. You can find its domestic people and international tourists filled in this beach throughout day and night. This is an urban beach, and you can find all tourist facility and amenities on the beachfront.

 5.Independence Memorial Hall

 The history buffs and others must not miss the memorial hall once in Ceylon. This is a monument featuring the history of Sri Lankan independence. People of any ages can visit this place once in its capital city.

 6.Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

 This is a cultural and religious site, which you must not miss in Colombo. There are legends that Buddha visited this place around 500 BC. This temple is dedicated to him since then. The present temple is the upgrading of the ancient temple.

 7.Polonnaruwa Ruins

 Polonnaruwa was the ancient capital of the erstwhile rulers. They have built huge structures and complexes during those ages. What is seen present are the ruins, which are amazing to see. This place is appreciable for its architectural marvel.


This ancient monument is a standing evidence for the Epic Ramayana. As per the legends, the Kumbakarna lived in this fort palace in the Vedic era. You can see the murals of such incidence in this fort. This is a huge monolith rock with a fort on the top citadel. You can view the plateau region from these mountain ranges.

 9.Tea Plantation


The Ceylon Tea or Sri Lankan Tea is a world popular brand. It has a unique flavor and aroma. You must not miss this place to hike in those tea estates, which are in the central province. These are in the high-altitude mountain ranges. You can taste the garden fresh tea from this place.

10.Udawalawe National Park

You can take a jungle safari once in Sri Lanka in this National Park. This is a natural reserve and a tropical rainforest area. The animal and nature lovers can enjoy the most from this park. You can find elephants and other wild animals in their natural state.