10 Most Famous Cafes For Dinner in Kasol

10 Most Famous Cafes For Dinner in Kasol

Food is a necessity that is not going to diminish in this day and age, so it is more crucial to have the best food available when traveling. Going to the mountains can be exhausting so a great cafe is essential.

The mini-Israel of India"Kasol" is a well-known hippie spot which you should go to if you're someone who loves to party. Kasol is a hamlet that is full of cafes and it is a bit confusing when choosing which one to visit. Below is the list of cafes in Kasol offering a variety of cuisine which will provide you with Kasol vibes!

Sunshine Cafe

This is a fantastic spot that offers a wide variety of dishes. The only thing you will get are great vibes and a good soundtrack. This is a wonderful location to unwind and chill as you satisfy your hunger. There is also a backyard bar with live music as well as hookah.

There are desserts that are free too! Some of the most popular dishes include Sunshine Burger, The Masala Trout and Lasagne. The restaurant is open from 8.30 early in the morning, and closes at 1AM.

The Rainbow Cafe

The cafe has stunning views from the mountain ranges. It has both outdoor and indoor seating. There is good live music. The staff is extremely friendly and their hospitality is excellent. The food is great. Both Indian and Continental costs are not too expensive but definitely worth it. The restaurant is always open and you are able to come and go anytime all day long.

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Mama Cafe

This is one of the most popular spots in Kasol and there are many people who visit this location. It is a place where you can feel the most Kasol vibes in this location. The staff are extremely welcoming and the food served is affordable. It's one of the top cafes to enjoy Israeli dishes and finger-licking foods.

The restaurant has beautiful paintings on their walls along with an outdoor pool table which you can enjoy the time you want with your buddies or on your own. Their pizza as well as Chilli Cheese Toast are a must in this place.

Moon Dance Cafe

It is among the most well-known cafés in Kasol because of its decor and delectable food. The outdoor seating is refreshing and cool in a breezy, cool and sunny morning. The location is close to the bridge and easy to access, which is why the place is always crowded. They offer a wide range of delicious food options such as Italian, Indian food, fast food and Israeli cuisines as well. The restaurant opens at 9 am until 10.30 pm. The restaurant serves excellent breakfast and desserts. The place is worth a visit whenever you're in Kasol!

Woodrose Cafe and Camps

The cafe is located near Manikaran; it is also the only café in Kasol. The cafe is away from the hustle and bustle of Kasol town and is a great place to relax. It has great food and plays great music. Tents are available for rent. The peaceful setting is bliss! The park is open from 10 am and closes at 8 pm.

Art Cafe

The place's location is probably the most compelling reason to visit along with the delicious food they offer in this restaurant! Set in the pine in the forest, and away from any noise and noises, you can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas' natural surroundings!

The people here are warm and the atmosphere is welcoming. They offer the most comfortable sitting arrangement, and their rooms are affordable. Do go to it when you're in Kasol and are looking for the finest food and service at affordable costs.

River View Cafe

It is among the top cafes in Kasol for a delicious meal with a stunning panoramic view over Kasol and the Parvati valley. It's just a walk short distance away from the road, and is a place for outdoor and indoor seating. The area is extremely tidy and will leave you feeling at ease listening to the relaxing sounds of the river flowing.

The staff and service are professional. The food is delicious and affordable. It doesn't matter if it's North Indian food or continental the food is delicious all the time! Kasol is a must for any trip. Kasol is not complete if you haven't been there. The doors open at 8 AM in the morning and close at 11 pm.

The Evergreen Cafe

This restaurant is situated along the main road that leads to Manikaran and is a great spot with stunning views as well as a bohemian and romantic interior. The restaurant serves Yummy Pizza Lasagne, Turkish Kababs, Lamb and Chicken dishes. They also serve delicious Israeli food.

There are tables that sit or a floor where you can sit comfortably. The place is always packed all season. The music is trance and the atmosphere here is cozy and cool. The restaurant is open all hours of the day which runs from 11 am to 11 pm. It is a must visit restaurant for its special Israeli cuisine in Kasol.

Jim Morrison Cafe

The most cozy and cool café is located in Kasol. You have to climb the rocky road about a hundred metres away from Kasol's main highway in order to arrive here, but it's well worth it. The inside of this bar is cosy and subtle. They play very relaxing music as well. There is only vegetarian food offered, but every item is delicious and you'll love it.

The costs are affordable and will not burn the hole in your pocket. The theatre plays movies every night at 8 pm If your goal is to have a good time and eat tasty food, make an appointment. The restaurant closes at 10.30 pm and re-opens after 10.30 AM. The must-try menu items are Shakes and waffles.

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Buddha Place

Beautiful spot on the banks of the river in Kasol filled with tall trees. The sound of water running creates a peaceful atmosphere and you can enjoy some great music that will make you feel relaxed! The food is excellent however, there aren't many options. It might appear to be somewhat expensive however the ambience is worth it! The place is open all seasons.

The nightlife in the city is something to experience. The most popular cuisines here are Coffee, Maggie, and Nutella Banana Crepe. It is also possible to try Hash Brownies If you're feeling jolly. The restaurant is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Stop by to enjoy the most beautiful views and to enjoy the time.

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