Spiti Valley Trip- A Journey of Heaven

Spiti Valley is one of the most heavenly valleys in the world. It is located in the Himachal Pradesh region of India. Himachal Pradesh has several tourist destinations where Spiti valley is like one of the Jewel of Himachal. The name Himachal means the land of snow, and Spiti means the middle area. The Spiti is located in the middle of India, and China occupied Tibet. This valley is on the trade route of India and Tibet. Same as the Ladakh, the dominant religion is Tibetan influenced Buddhism. At some places, the landscape reminds the Ladakh, but the fact is that it is unique from the Ladakh.The elevation of Spiti Valley trek is 12,500 feet. The sub-divisional headquarters is Kaza, which is settled along the Spiti River. Before 1960 Lahaul Valley and Spiti Valley counted as separately now they are one district named Lahaul Spiti. The Lahaul area is nearby Manali, and the Spiti region is nearby Shimla. The Rohtang Pass is the meeting point of Kullu and Lahaul Spiti Valley. The Lahaul and Spiti region is separated by the Kunzum Pass at the elevation of 15,059 feet above the sea level.At Lahaul -Spiti valley, you will find the culture tends towards Buddhism in comparison to the Himachali traditional culture. This region is one of the Buddha's lands in India. At all the places during the journey, you will find Buddhist prayer flags and monasteries on the route. The most famous monasteries of Lahaul and Spiti are Key and Tabo Monastery. The whole area is stretched in 13,841 square kilometers, and the literacy rate is 76.80%. In the last two decades, this gains popularity in tourism. Before it is only known to some of the peoples and tourism facilities are very few. Now tourism became the source of economy for the people of Spiti. Another economical source is farming there.Temperature at SpitiAs the Spiti Valley is the high altitude valley, so it remains the cold throughout the seasons; however, during the winters, this area experiences harsh winters. During the summertime, the average temperature remains between 13-21℃, but in the winter, it remains nearby -20℃. From April to October, the weather remains suitable for traveling. At this time, you can enjoy all the sites of Spiti Valley from both sides,i.e., Manali and Shimla. In the winters, only the Shimla route remains open till Kaza. At the end of October, the temperature starts dipping, and at the starting of December, the area is fully covered with the thick sheet of snow. From November to March the life remains on the halt.Top Places to Visit In SpitiTaboThe Tabo is the small hamlet in Spiti Valley. It is famous for the monastery, which is the thousand years old. It is founded in 996 AD. There are nine temples, twenty-three chortens, a nun chamber, and a monk chamber in the monastery complex. There are clusters of caves also situated at the mountainside, which are said to be the meditation place of the monks once upon a time. Here you can feel the positivity of the prayers. The whole monastery is decorated with Buddhist paintings that have the essence of Tibetan arts.DhankarIt is situated between Tabo and Kaza. There is a monastery that is also situated here, which is called the Dhankar monastery. The meaning of Dhankar is a fort. Once upon a time, it is used to protect the area from external invasion on the valley. It is perched at the elevation of 3370m above the sea level and the best example of Spiti architecture.KazaIt is the small administrative town of Spiti Valley. It is settled at the left bank of river Spiti. As it is the administrative headquarter here, you will find Banking Facility, ATM, Post Office, Fuel Pumps, and restaurants.Kee MonasteryIt is the most popular monastery of Spiti. It is at a distance of 12 kilometers from the Kaza. The building of the monastery is the buildup of woods and stones, which amazes the visitors by its look. Here you can sense the feel of eternal peace.ChandratalIt is the half-moon shaped lake on which bas
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