Esconced on the lower Pacific ¨Emerald Coast¨ in the state of Oaxaca, the town of Puerto Escondido (which means ¨hidden port¨) was up until the 1960s barely a pinprick on the map, with dirt streets and just a handful of residents mostly devoted to fishing. Then in 1960 a coastal road reached the village, making it accessible to the outside world, and a village hall was built. Most consequentially for tourism, it was during that decade that surfers (pioneered by a group of Venezuelans, according to a local historian) discovered the gnarly waves here, putting it on the world surfing map and leading non-surfers to discover it as well. Today the state´s number-one coastal town boasts a permanent population of around 30,000, but has still hung on to its authenticity, with a very off-the-beaten-track feel where casual and laid back are the order of the day, with none of the mass tourism and big resorts that are all too common elsewhere on this coast. Come to kick back, unwind, and soak up the beaches and the barefoot vibe.

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