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why October and November are best months to hike in Nepal?

October and November are generally considered good months to hike in many parts of the world because the weather is often mild and pleasant during these months. The temperatures are not too hot and not too cold, which makes for comfortable hiking conditions. In addition, the foliage in many areas is often at its peak during these months, making for beautiful scenery on the trails.

There are also a few other factors that may make October and November particularly good months for hiking. For example, many areas see a decrease in visitors during these months, which can make for a more peaceful and less crowded experience on the trails. In addition, the longer days and shorter nights of these months can allow for longer hikes and more time to explore.

Of course, the best time to hike will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific location, the weather conditions, and the individual preferences of the hiker. It's always a good idea to check the forecast and plan accordingly before embarking on a hike and to be prepared for a range of weather conditions.

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