Cruising the beautiful blue Danube

From Tripatini member Victor Block::Just another day admiring the tiny hamlets and majestic cities which line the banks of the Danube as it flows through Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria (with a land extension to Prague). It's a route which takes you to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague, three of the grandest and most stunning capital cities in all of Europe. plus little Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, which replicates much of the splendor in a more compact setting, and smaller towns that claim their own charms.

We were traveling with Grand Circle Cruise Line, one of several companies that offer voyages along the fabled, and fabulous Danube River. We chose that firm because of the focus upon “Learning and Discovery,” which is for us one thing that distinguishes it, and its Overseas Adventure Travel sister firm, from other tour organizations."

Read more in his post Capitals, Castles, and More on a Danube River Cruise.


Grand Circle Travel


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