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Bhutan is a tiny Buddhist country perched between India and Tibet and floating high amongst the clouds in the Himalayas. Closed to the world until 1974, Bhutan is often romantically referred to as The Last Shangri-la. With over 70% of the country covered in virgin forest and spectacular views of the Himalayan mountain range, it boasts some of the world's most beautiful scenery.

Bhutan is a country steeped in tradition and despite periods of great change, it has successfully managed to preserve much of its ancient culture. To this day, people continue to wear traditional dress and observe ancient customs. The people of Bhutan are charming, warm, and gracious and their generous hospitality makes a lasting impression on all those who visit.

Truly Bhutan gives guests a chance to step inside this world and experience life on Bhutan Standard Time or as the locals like to joke, on Bhutan Stretchable Time! Guests drop their worries, stresses, and deadlines at the door and gradually relax into a gentler pace of life and let the magic of Bhutan wash over them.

Bhutan is a landlocked country about 300km long and 150km wide. It is approximately the size of Switzerland or Tasmania. Virtually the entire country is mountainous and can be divided into three major geographic regions: the Himalayas in the north; the hills and valleys in the center and the foothills and plains of the south.

Come, get lost with us!

Truly Bhutan, as the name and the slogan suggests, stands for variety and exquisiteness in our service delivery and client-oriented approach to tourism and travel in the country. The company, apart from organizing regular travels, also caters to the niche traveler with our tailor-made itineraries and out-of-the-ordinary tour schedules.

Apart from cultural treks, we offer a range of adventure tourism like photography and birding, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking, spiritual tours, and marriage and honeymoon trips among others. Our select travel routes and destinations are custom-made to suit our traveler’s needs and growing interests while adding in special packages, like an idyllic homestay in a rural village setting complete with traditional hot-stone baths, made to surprise our clients.

Come, travel with us, and feel the pulse of the dragon kingdom!

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