Winter Park, FL


February 15

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  • www.mentawaisurftravel.com
  • Sounds good, Nina. You enjoy your weekend - and the somewhat-warmer weather - too! - Steve
  • Hi Nina,

    I just wanted to answer your question about VJ's preferences in more detail. I cover travel and lifestyle for a number of print and online publications, and my regular gigs include a print story every two weeks and an online story once a month. You understand it's a busy schedule and I'm constantly in search of destinations. While I like and do one-offs (two-offs with my photograher/husband), my preference is always group press trips. I am experienced and creative enough to bring out a story (or three) from any kind of trip. I do inspect hotels and resorts aplenty, and my readers came to trust me, since all my recommendations are based on personal experiences. I don't know what I would do without generous PR collaborators who plan and implement mostly very informative group trips. So, the answer is: for a busy writer with a regular gig group trips are the best. Please put my contact info on your active media list - who knows, your clients might be my next subject matter!
    Thank you,
    Emma Krasov
  • Hi, Nina,

    Thanks very much for your contact. I just joined tripatini yesterday...so you're my first "friend!"

    And, actually, I do know about the freezing weather in Orlando...because I was there two weeks ago. My younger daughter and I are dyed-in-the-wool fans of the U. of Miami Hurricanes, so we went up there for the Champs Bowl (unfortunately, we lost!). But it's actually been freezing here, too (not sure why when I write my home town - which is actually Coral Springs - websites sometimes change it to Pompano Beach). It was actually 40 degrees in my car one day last week!

    I, too, am involved in PR...although I've also been an internationally-published travel writer for many years. In fact, just signed a contract for a book...the 14th that I will have either written or contributed to. Certainly, it would be good to network. Let's talk soon!

    And thanks again for your note.

  • Oh Nina, likewise a pleasure and I envy you. Haven't been to Peter Island in about 10 years and 20 pounds, LOL... Have a marvy safe trip. I'm sure we'll talk soon in one medium or another! :-)
  • Thanks so much, Nina! We do feel it has great potential, and can help all of us in the travel industry and media, as well as the traveling public, in tough times. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I hope you have a great time here!
  • Good afternoon, Nina, and welcome to go-lo! It's wonderful to have a travel writer of your background and experience with us -- and we think you'll find our site productive as well as interesting and enjoyable.

    You may want to take a few minutes to join several of our many groups which you might find of particular interest besides "Travel Media Only," such as Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Ireland, France, Indonesia, New Zealand, Egypt, African Safaris, Hong Kong, Shopping the World, Eating/Drinking the World, Travel Photography, and more. You can also add a box to your profile providing additional info about yourself, including text, photos, and even video.

    Finally, if you would, please be so kind to spread the word among your travel-interested friends, family, and colleagues. We wish you a great rest of the summer, and look forward to hearing more from you!
  • This is an innovative site, one I'm sure I'll use a lot not only to tout my client activities but as a place to learn and grow. I've already tweeted it and posted it on my Linkedin page. Very cool and thanks David for the invite.
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