November 26

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Nepal Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd. (short NTR) is registered as a trekking company under the Department of Tourism and the Company Registrar’s Office in 2015 AD, Nepal. Being a licensed trekking agency, NTR is allowed to operate trekking and tourism activities in any part of Nepal.

The idea of running a trekking Company came to My mind after I  had spent nearly a decade in the tourism industry of Nepal. I concluded if I started my own company, it would be possible to provide quality services to clients in a better and different way. I was working as a porter, guide, team leader, and trip planner influenced to materialize my experience of conducting trekking in the Himalayas. Me my self has served clients from North America, Europe, South East Asia, Pacific Region, Africa, and South America respectively. For me, it was necessary to run a local tour operator agency under my leadership to implement my mission, vision, and expertise all on my own. Thus, I was appointed to a team of highly experienced trekking guides and another tourism enthusiast as the workforce of NTR. 

Amongst around 3,500 tour and trekking operators in Nepal, NTR stands in the list of top tourism agencies due to its unique principle and functionality. It believes in showcasing Nepal in a much more intimate and personalized way. Next, it is guided by the principle of offering personalized services at competitive prices. NTR does not compromise on the level and quality of services it offers regardless of region, nationality, gender, religion, and occupation. All clients are equally valuable and are the brand ambassadors of the company, which is dedicated to prioritizing its clients’ safety and comfort first.

Nepal Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd.


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