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November 3

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  • Hi Ed, thank you for your kind words.I think I was over ambitious with my areas of expertise, judging from the detailed approach to destinations that I see develping in Tripatini. I''ll propably refine my profile in the next days.
    All the best to you, CG
  • Hi, Ed.
    We work intimately with the owners, and in most case manage the apartments completely. Therefore we're able to inspect the apartments regularly and act as an intermediary should there be any problems.

    Thanks for the question!
    Best regards,
  • Hello Ed, It was great meeting you at the Travel Show on Friday. We love the tripatini website and hope others find our information helpful. Have a great day!
  • Hello Ed, I was searching on St Lucia,for a honeymoon couple, I was wondering if you could help answering if you know the Hotel The Jalousie Plantation , it is a property on Orbitz, and also how easy is to drive or rent a bike in the island? these honeymooners are in a Budget, like rustic, simple,outdoors, any suggestions?
  • Nice to hear from you, Ed. Yes, I'm a jack of a bunch of trades (attorney-in-past-life, spa journalist, risk management consultant, licensed insurance broker) all leading towards and culminating into my career as President of SpaSafe Solutions - safety & risk management solutions for the spa industry. Thanks for your compliment on my website and for the well-wishes. If you'd like to see more from the spa journalism front, please visit and if you like what you see, please become a fan!
  • Thanks Ed! I'm looking forward to being an active member of the Tripatini community. Will definitely check out the Tourism Branding forum, as you suggest. Who knew my marketing background could still be useful after I became a travel journalist? :) Cheers, Donna
  • Hey, Ed, I am grateful for your response, and I comprehend your situation. Even though you aren't able to change or edit Mirsky's copy, if it were me I'd certainly send him an email asking that he fix it. In fact, I may do so myself--I make a living at this and I am growing, er, impatient with the amateurs who, for example, sign up for press trips to get drunk.

    In all my years editing print publications, we always fixed mistakes in ads, even though the advertiser was responsible for the content, because screwups reflect on the publication no matter who originates them. No doubt your past experience embraces a similar approach.

    Keep the faith, baby!

  • Thanks Ed, I look forward to exploring more of the site and joining in on the discussions and becoming a member of several groups.
  • I didn't know about the Maronite community, Gina, but now that you say it, things click into focus. A few centuries ago, one of Lebanon's Christian kings fled to Cyprus in a time of upheaval. It might have been the Maronites who sheltered him.
  • Hi Ed, thanks for the welcome. Mmmm, Cyprus has lots of surprises! Gastronomic, cultural, historical..... unique flora and fauna.... the long-cured but remaining inhabitants of a leper colony; a Maronite community with a language that, till now, has had no written form..... I find it all fascinating. Yet so many think of Cyprus just in terms of package holidays!
    Best regards, Gina
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