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March 30

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  • Holy kamolie!  I can't believe I've been this distracted that I have checked any of my stuff since 2009.  So sorry Caitlin...overall, my travels have been limited since a lot of places don't want to include air, even when I have a letter of assignment from a publication.  I keep finding my own stories to cover and other related.  Be sure to check my article blog, "Terry's Spa, Beauty and Wellness Go-To" from time to time for the latest in those areas of expertise I regularly cover; http://definitivespablog.blogspot.com/   My apologies for not responding sooner!

    Welcome to my digital magazine, featuring topics of interest, news and reviews.
  • Hi Caitlin, Does your company still handle properties in Belize?

    Cheers,  John

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  • Hi Caitlin, It looks like Belize is for sure in 2010, I'll let you know when I have an exact schedule. I'll be in the Yucatan Peninsula again and a side trip to Cuenca, Ecuador.
    Best, John
  • Hey Caitlin - Sorry for the delay; I've been doing other stuff, non-writing, and I'm trying to get to all of my emails. I haven't been to the Caribbean in a few years. I did enjoy the few times I went to review some new spa properties. A few times I received invites to press trips, and then was dis-invited because the host got all snotty about only wanting consumer pubs reviewing; I was on assignment for a trade pub. I get this type of bias frequently, but counter by saying that "...you are aware that trade readers are also consumers..."; usually shuts them up but doesn't change their mind. I detest PR agencies that play games with journalists. Anyway, take care and happy travels and writing. Check our my massive article post at http://definitivespablog.blogspot.com/. I review and recommend many types of products used by professionals and consumers. Had I not been covering spas, products would have never become part of my coverage. Bye - Terry
    Welcome to my digital magazine, featuring topics of interest, news and reviews.
  • Thanks Caitlan! I will definitely try to get down there. John
  • Hi Caitlin. Yes, I think David and Jose are onto something! Bunch of Caribbean travel coming up in late October and November. Quick trip to visit Idaho wineries. Currently in Vegas so will keep this brief for now. But great to be in touch. Hope all's well with you. Jordan
  • Hi Caitlin,
    Thanks for the invite... nice to meet you.

  • Hi Caitlin - Thanks for adding me. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to these social media sites, but find it a great opp to connect with other writers, share experiences and learn from them. All the best to you and your journeys. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. My best and bye! Terry
  • Hi Caitlin, I do get to Belize from time to time. I will probably be going again this winter. Cheers, John
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