Welcome, ladies! Whether you're hitting the road solo or planning a "girlfriend getaway" with gal pals, here's a look at your special issues, organizations, and info sources.

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6 essential safety products for women traveling solo

More women are seeing the world solo these days than ever before - and by far the majority happily and without incident.  But in some countries (and you'll very much want to research which ones before you depart) crime is sadly an issue, and especially for females. Fortunately, in addition to common-sense precautions, investing in a handful of travel safety products for both your belongings and your person can help you to explore the world with security and peace of mind. In addition, I would…

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Palm Springs' Preferred Small Hotels - the perfect girls’ getaway

Recently my girlfriend Sue Montgomery and I were off for a girls’ getaway to Palm Springs, the Southern-California city of luxurious, boutique hotels designed to pamper and emanate old world charm from those days of past Hollywood glamour and relaxation. Palm Springs was a city of scandal and partying of some of the most well-known stars and producers of the late 1950s, including the Rat Pack, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe. Sue and I loaded our suitcases into our car, and we were off to…

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5 great girlfriend getaways in Australia

Sometimes the solution to any problem you might be having, whether it’s at work, in your family life or someplace else, is a weekend away with all your best girlfriends. Wine, retail therapy, relaxing and a good catch up can fix just about anything! Here’s how you can have an amazing girls weekend away. read post

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Singles holidays – travel solo but not alone!

 Going on a singles holiday can sometimes sound daunting; especially if it is the first time you are travelling on your own. Searching for the right tour operator often turns out to be overwhelming. And, usually, after hours of researching the World Wide Web you still feel quite unsatisfied with your results left with plenty of questions unanswered. To find out all facts, figures and stats from Flavours Holidays -…

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  • Yes, I read Vogue, so shoot me. And my curiosity was peaked by this piece reflecting on one woman's solo travel experience in New Zealand: https://www.vogue.com/article/i-failed-at-solo-female-travel
    I Failed at Solo Female Travel
    Almost 70 percent of women cite “transformation and self-discovery” as their primary motivation for solo travel—but what if it never materializes?
  • Earlier this year, the eclectic travel blog FarewelAlarms.com published a post by the well traveled Odessa Denby on the suitability of three major countries for women to travel on their own - interesting observations in particular about Italy, which despite being about to be led by a woman she does not recommend: https://farewellalarms.com/two-countries-i-recommend-to-solo-female...
  • A disturbing piece just came out in Vice about the rape of a 21-year-old U.S. woman in Punjab province is derailing a narrative concocted by some Western influencers (including women) a country rated among the world's most dangerous by the World Economic Forum is safe, for women as well: https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxnj5n/arabela-arpi-pakistan-gang-r...
    This American Blogger Was Showing an ‘Unseen’ Pakistan. Then She Was Gang Raped.
    The audacious assault of an American woman in Pakistan is disrupting a narrative created by Western influencers that the country is safe for women.
  • Traveling as a woman - particularly a single woman - is an issue in some countries, particularly outside Europe and the USA/Canada. So this recent post from the female publisher of a travel blog called This Rare Earth - who has spent long stretches in Dubai over more than a decade - is particularly enlightening, with general observations and specific tips for women visiting the UAE: https://thisrareearth.com/is-it-safe-to-travel-to-dubai-as-a-solo-f...
    Is It Safe to Travel to Dubai as a Solo Female?
    Are you wondering if it's safe to travel to Dubai as a solo female? Here are my best tips on staying safe in Dubai as a solo female.
  • Interesting survey out a month ago from the travel insurance website InsureMyTrip.com ranking 66 cities worldwide in terms of safety for female solo travellers - and I was interested to see that my country's capital, Madrid, came in at number one! https://www.insuremytrip.com/travel-advice/travel-inspiration/best-...
  • Changing your Short hairstyle is like changing your face. When you find a hair style that suits you, it will not only make you look more attractive, but also make you more confident. I will recommend the 5 most popular hairstyles this year, I hope you can find one that suits you!

    When I went to work after I stopped dyeing my hair, some of my colleagues made fun of my unprofessional hairstyles when they noticed that my hair was not dyed.

    Short Hairstyles
    Hairstyles are set out with the goal of being a resource that can be easily consulted on all matters related. You can find the most detailed informat…
  • The Aoling Festival Tours - Mon, Nagaland , INDIA

    The Aoling festival is celebrated by the Konyak tribe in Mon district, a remote corner of northern part of Nagaland. This festival signifies the beginning of the New Year. It is celebrated after the completion of sowing. During the festival people dress up in colourful and traditional attire to participate in the festivities. Their headgear is made up of skulls, skin and feathers of animals and birds. The villagers play log-drums in front of the ‘Morung’, women perform dances with folk songs, and the men dance the warrior dance with their guns and spears which depicts the stories of valour in the battle during the heydays of head-hunting. The guns are fired at random throughout the village at the end.

    Culture Tours - North East India

    DOWNLOAD :Festival Tours - India Document


  • Nha Trang beach in Vietnam 


  • Visit the tallest sand castle in India at Calangute beach, Goa 


  • Planning Your Vacation Should Be Fun with a Capital “F”

    Girls That Roam Partners with Travel Advisors of Los Gatos

    Searching for vacations online used to be fun. That is until the options became overwhelming, prices changed never to be gotten again with a simple refresh of the page; refunds became a hassle, customer service was chilly and so many other issues that took the fun out of planning your getaway.

    Girls That Roam prefers the human touch which is why we’ve partnered with Travel Advisors of Los Gatos. The travel counselors have more than half a century of travel experience planning everything from solo to group vacations to corporate and business travel.


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