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Most of Europe safe to travel despite the conflict in Ukraine

Whenever a situation like the horrific Russian invasion of Ukraine arises, some folks - and this is true especially in the USA - get skittish about travel anywhere within a thousand miles of the trouble. And in fact flight bookings have plummeted especially to surrounding countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, and Poland, by 30 to 50 percent. But the website recently published a reminder that most of Europe - with the obvious exception of the countries involved - Russia and…

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Is this the strongest proof yet that flying is safe in the pandemic era?

The respected, more-than-half-century-old Frommers travel media company recently reported on a U.S. Department of Defense study conducted with United Airlines, provides encouraging results about airline cabins and coronavirus when proper protocols are followed - yes, even on full flights. Check it out:

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Protecting yourself against cybercrime while traveling

Every September 27, travelers celebrate International World Tourism Day. The tourism landscape has changed immensely since the first such celebration in 1980, with the Internet becoming inevitable for travelers and travel agents.  According to the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), in 2018 84  percent of travelers booked their holiday through bundling sites like Expedia or Kayak instead of contacting hotels and airlines. This counts for 1.176 billion travelers. Most travelers would agree…

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Our blogger's list of 9 safest African countries to visit

Trаvеlіng to a fоrеіgn lаnd usually involves a certain amount of wаrіnеѕѕ аnd unсеrtаіntу - but especially when vіѕіtіng developing соuntrіеѕ whеrе a mаjоr роrtіоn of thе population live undеr the роvеrtу lіnе. But уоu know what's ѕаd? Tо let thеѕе uncertainties ѕtор уоu from еxрlоrіng fascinating new parts of the world. Africa is perhaps the continent that inspires the most wariness due to widespread poverty, corruption, wars, and other travails. But with exceptions where there's actual civil…

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  • The world had much better airport security long before the measures the US adopted after 9/11.


    In the 1960s there were a lot of hijackings of flights from Montreal to Montego Bay with a forced stop in Cuba. It was a bit of a national joke. So we started doing hand checks of carry on bags in 1967/68, somewhere along there. And we divided up airports early in the 1970s. 


    I still find US airport security more lax than what I experience in other countries. You get a good going over at Customs - even the pre-customs that we do here to fly into the US - but for any flight I've boarded in the US for domestic destinations and flying on to the Caribbean and last year to Madrid from Newark, no photo ID was required. I had it out, but the gate agents didn't look at it, just my boarding card.

  • Ok, that makes all the difference...can't figure it out at all. No security gate? Was there security at all...i.e, interviews, etc? I would hope there'd at least be some.

  • I wasn't changing planes, Darryl. I stayed in Auckland for a few days (SATW board of directors meeting) before going back to the airport for the Wellington flight.

  • Ed, did you leave the secure zone when you changed planes?

  • I've kept my shoes on plenty of times, too, but I've never flown anywhere within the U.S. or even Europe without going through some kind of security. Is it possible that they didn't check your ID because you were wearing that red dive suit?

  • Ed,


    We don't take off our shoes in Canada, unless we're flying to the US. And I haven't had to take off my shoes in Europe. Interestingly, last October I flew JFK to the DR and didn't have to produce any photo ID. I've flown Denver to Chicago, Chicago to Washington and a couple of times through JFK and Newark and never had to produce a photo ID. I could never get on a plane in Canada without a photo ID, even when flying domestically.

  • I'm fascinated by the security rules in New Zealand: No need to take off your shoes or show your ID. In fact, flying from Auckland to Wellington, there was no security gate at all. Is this a lack of hysteria or a surfeit of complacency?  

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