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10 terrific adventure travel books to inspire wanderlust

  Bulat Silvia Adventure travel is all about delving into the unknown, and more often than not, also getting out of your comfort zone. So if that appeals to you, here's a dozen terrific travel reads from people who left their own comfort zones to follow their dreams and seek out new cultures and experiences. There's something old and something new; several you might know, and many others you probably haven't heard of, plus a good representation of female voices. What they have in common is…

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Best travel reads for 2022

 The top ten picks of the 2022 crop from the award-winning outdoor adventure blog Atlas & Boots include a grumpy hiker’s outing in the mountains; one man’s take on slavery and racism in the oldest city on the Mississippi River; a mother’s attempt to escape poverty by tracing whales to Alaska; and a historian’s portrait of the most isolated tribe in the world, on North Sentinel Island.  To check it out, click here.  

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Writing 'In the Footsteps of Dracula: A Personal Journey and Travel Guide'

My obsession to travel to every site related to either the fictional Count Dracula or his real historical counterpart, Prince Vlad Dracula the Impaler, grew out of a visit to Whitby, England, where part of the novel Dracula takes place.  I stood on the cemetery hill where, in Bram Stoker's Dracula, Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray spent hour after hour sitting on their "favourite seat" (a bench placed over a suicide's grave near the edge of the cliff), gazing out toward the "headland called…

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  • My novel Wai-nani Hawaii Chiefess of Hawaii is my ultimate destination piece.

    She is a portal into a world  you can't get to any other way. I suggest Cara that is would be a good book for your besttravelnovel blog..for more on Wai-nani you can go to my site or amo.Best



  • Ed, I tried posting on there. I am not sure if it took. If you are a member of that group I would appreciate it if you could pass the word along.

    Cara B

  • Great Idea! I will do that.
  • Cara, congratulations on the new blog. An inspired idea it is, too. Consider posting this on the Media Only group, which has about 1100 members.
  • Dear Travel Book members,
    I am starting a new blog, The Best Travel Novels. If you have a novel set in a far away land and would like to be featured please let me know.  This is the link to the blog.
    Georgina Young-Ellis a fellow Tripatini member is my first interview, please check out her post about writing The Time Baroness.
    Cara B
    Hi, my name is Cara Bertoia and I am the author of Cruise Quarters - A Novel About Casinos and Cruise Ships. It is a story of the crew who work for…
  • We have just received our copy of the Rough Guides First-Time Africa in which we are listed on page 405, under the 'Africa Specialist Operators' category. The entry states: "West Africa Discovery: One of the few companies specializing in West Africa , with unusual tours and a strong responsible travel ethos".




    We have a selection of sustainably managed responsible tourism projects just for you to discover. Work with us to create better places to visit and better places to live in, in West Africa.


    You can also join a community dedicated to travel in West Africa which explores the rich local heritage in a sustainable and responsible way. 

  • Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales bagged the Bronze in the North
    American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) 2010 competition in the travel
    Narrative/Guidebook category! This awards competition, now in its 19th year, honors the “best of the best” in travel writing and photography.
    Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler's Tales
    Home page of Linda Ballou, Author
    Home page of Linda Ballou, Travel Writer, author and nature photographer.
  • For anyone who loves cruising I would like to tell you a little bit about my novel, which is based on all my experiences, only the names have been changed to protect me!

    Cruise Quarters – A Novel About Casinos and Cruise Ships

    Released by Amazon – Paperback and Kindle versions available


    Cruise Quarters - A Novel About Casinos And Cruise Ships is a fun, fast paced tale of working in the casino aboard a Regal Cruises cruise-ship. Written by casino professionals, their knowledge offers readers a rare inside look at cruise ship and casino operations.

    Palm Springs, CA

    Summary of Cruise Quarters – A Novel About Casinos And Cruise Ships
    The crew of the Regal Star resemble a mini United Nations, hiring people from all over the world. But unlike the UN, Regal Cruise's employees present a united front above decks as they attend to their passenger's every need. Below decks though, it is a different story.
                Sarah Seldon is a croupier on the luxury liner. After many unhappy endings, and burned out on shipboard romance, she is determined to forget about men and concentrate on becoming a casino manager. On land women face a dearth of GOOD men but on a ship giving up men would take willpower. The mostly male crew exists to serve her every need. The waiters bring her food, the Filipino steward cleans her room, the Italian chefs cook for her and the Welsh plumber fixes her sink. She leads a cushy life, sleeping 'til noon, eating gourmet food, and the topper - she gets to wake up in beautiful new place everyday. All because she works in a casino, a place so bad it has SIN in the middle.
                After college she took a summer job at Lake Tahoe in the casino business and became a member of the Church of Gambling. She has been in the gambling business long enough to know that in order for a gambler to be successful, they must have Lady Luck on their side. But a gambler also has to follow the rules of basic strategy. When love unexpectedly sneaks up on Sarah on the magical island of Mayreau, she wonders whether she could apply the rules of gambling to love. What if she could write Sarah Seldon's Basic Strategy of Love?
                Book a cruise and travel with Sarah and the crew as they work, play, feast, and fall in and out of love, all while the ship sails around the globe, stopping at exotic ports of call. Along the way, sight-see in Venice, shop in St. Martin, and take an eco-cruise up the Amazon. Let the crew tell you their own stories as they sit in the hallway in the wee hours of the morning. While the ship travels to new destinations, tired and tipsy they share tales of love and betrayal.

    Authors Ray and Cara Bertoia remind me that true romance is out there. Ray and Cara Bertoia, are a couple that now live in Palm Springs, Ca. Cara was born in Charleston, South Carolina and Ray hails from Glasgow, Scotland. You have to hail when you come from Scotland. They have been professional croupiers for years.  On a summer break from her teaching job Cara took a summer job in Lake Tahoe and didn't leave for many years. Raymond was studying at City University in London when he saw an advert 'Train up To Be a Croupier, see the world'. He took that advice and worked as an inspector in casinos all over Europe, from Moscow to Greece. The couple met while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Raymond jumped ship to be with Cara and they married after a whirlwind romance. Their knowledge offers their readers a rare insider’s look at casino operations.

    The couple also walked 500 miles across Spain, Their movie of the trip, Camino De Santiago - A Walker's Guide, is a popular guide to the Camino. You can find them at or on Amazon.

    Media Contact Information.

    Cara Bertoia and Raymond Bertoia or

    The link to the novel is:


  • A Tripatini member has posted a question in Ask A Travel Pro about opinions re mobile e-guidebooks vs. traditional guidebooks. If you'd like to offer your two cents please click this hyperlink.


    Thanks much!

  • Travel narratives on Facebook is fun
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