• They used to be quite helpful, when it was run by Chrystine Nicholas, who used to be Guiliani's press secretary and both  used to juggling journo deadlines and intimately familiar with the importance and value of good media relations.  Not any more.

    Maybe they are totally overwhelmed because everybody in the world wants to visit NYC and write about it.  I get the sense they've decided it's just easier to ignore any and all journo requests than to try to choose which one to assist, unless your name is Oprah. They were no help when I was writing my latest NYC guidebook, so I didn't even bother to ask for help writing my NYC app. It's also more difficult getting permission to access their royalty-free photos than it used to be. 

  • I've tried twice to make arrangements and, after being bumped to several people, decided to venture elsewhere. I could tell it was going to be a struggle to work my "family-travel" bent around what is on the press pass. Meals and lodging were referred to their media website for suggestions but they didn't offer media assistance. Honestly, this may be a brush-off since, until recently, my total focus was kid-friendliness, not adult travel.
  • Reading Sandy's comment I realized I've been dropped from the e-list. I used to get it and found it useful for several pieces.

    As for working with NYC & Company, I gave up. I had several confirmed assignments for NYC, but there was absolutely no help from them. (This is pre-economic meltdown. I did do one feature for the corporate market, based on a three-day personal trip.) They would offer some free passes for the Empire State Building and a few museums, but since I live a time zone away that wasn't helpful. There was no travel or accommodation assistance. So I converted the editors to transferring the theme to European destinations which offered travel assistance. NYC isn't that different from most US cities in that respect. The rest of the world will fly you in when you have confirmed assignments, but not US destinations.

    And like most major cities, I didn't find them that good at answering voicemail or email. Maybe they've changed in recent years, I don't know because I've given up trying.
  • I've had great co-operation from Kathy Motton, NYC & Company's Toronto representative. She arranged excellent complimentary accommodation for me in the heart of Manhattan for two NYC stories I had proposed. Unfortunately, a blizzard stopped me dead on the NY Thruway near Rochester and I eventually turned tail for Toronto. Kathy offered equivalent help when I head back again in spring.


  • Years ago (before I moved to New York), they hosted a couple of great press trips. In ensuing years, I would try to get their annual list of journalists' comps and discounts, but the process was too arduous (you had to request several times, and make an appointment to pick up the packet in person), so gradually I gave up. There has been no contact, either way, for the past five years or so; I don't think I'm even getting their e-mails (re events and bargains) anymore, though I'd like to.
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