Costa Concordia Accident

Access America is very busy assisting and attempting to locate its customers who were on board the Costa Concordia at the time of the accident.Access America believes that at least 9 customers were scheduled to be on the cruise. So far, the company has confirmed three customers are safe.

Access America is also assisting  travel agency partners in finding and helping their customers, regardless of whether they had purchased travel insurance. So far the company has arranged for transportation and lost passport assistance for one such traveler.

Access America’s travel assistance department is working around the clock to locate other customers and provide assistance if needed.

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  • Can't believe that happened to a modern cruise ship !

    Following the tragic Costa Concordia accident, many cruisers are worried about safety and the future of their trips. ‘People must remember that a cruise is one of the safest forms of holiday that can be taken. Incidents of this nature are isolated and very rare !

  • Well, let's hope you find them all well and alive and only have to pay out for lost possessions and plane tickets.

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