A profession very much in transition thanks to the Internet - and now, increasingly, artificial intelligence - travel's front-line retailers are some of the most knowledgeable folks in the industry. Here's a place to exchange views about issues, destinations, and more!


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How agents can find ChatGPT very useful

  JUTTHANA JAIDEE Imagine planning a vacation by telling your smartphone, "I want to take a four-day trip to Los Angeles in June" and having it spit out a perfect itinerary. That future might not quite be here yet – but with the power of AI and software like ChatGPT, (GPT being short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a big step in that direction has definitely been indeed taken. read post  

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Turkey on a Budget: An Unforgettable Adventure for Less

Turkey, the land where East meets West, is a beautiful country with a rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes. With its numerous ancient sites, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals, it's no wonder that Turkey is a popular travel destination. However, visiting this beautiful country doesn't have to break the bank. In this blog post, we'll explore how you can experience the best of Turkey on a budget. One Nation provides top-notch Turkey tour packages designed to cater to every…

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Everest Helicopter tour

We need to wake up early morning in Kathmandu, Drive to the domestic airport one hour before flying hours, Boundless Adventure will inform you a day before that you are going on a Helicopter tour for three to four hours. Helicopter Landing at the Kalapathar with officer and board the Everest tour by Helicopter.Max four hours Itinerary with the officer.Phase=1=Fly from Kathmandu – Lukla (fueling in Lula and take off to Pheriche) 5/10 minutes landing.Phase=2=Fly to Pheriche and landing for the…

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SEO for travel industry companies & individuals

scyther5 As a travel company - whether you're a tour operator, travel agent, hotel, transportation provider, destination management company, or whatever - or  you are certainly wondering how you can get the most out of search-engine optimization. With a well thought out SEO strategy, you can win over users. In addition, they rank higher in Google searches, which generates additional traffic. Search-engine optimization (SEO) basically includes all measures that help to improve the ranking of…

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  • Hi yall, my name is Heitor and I am one of the manager´s of Velocitas Travel Service. A travel operator based in Brazil.

    We offer complete package services to visitors coming to our continent and special discounted prices for travel agents.

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  • Hello all. I am a Destination Specialist for Italy & Western Europe. I have been listed on the A-List Top125 Agents for the last 6 years in a row in Travel & Leisure magazine. I also specialize in putting together South African safaris. I have completed specialist programs for Italy, Western Europe, South Africa & Kenya and have been in the travel industry for 33 plus years! I travel to these destinations as much as possible to keep up with all the most recent changes...

    I’ve been a travel agent for over five years now and was a legal secretary for 32 years prior to that. While in that field, I acted as the personal concierge for the attorneys I worked for, which involved booking all their travel, rental cars, limousines, restaurant reservations, etc., whether it was for business or personal travel. So I truly do have much more than just five years experience being a travel agent.

    With the technology of today, it doesn’t really matter where your travel agent is. Tickets are delivered electronically, whether they are for flight, hotel. If you don’t have a computer, there is always the United States Postal Service for delivery of travel documents or when physical tickets are requested. I have booked travel for people all over the world here at my desk in New Jersey. I’m a researcher from way back and I love doing it. Working as a travel agent is a passion of mine and I’m thrilled to be able to do it.

    I would love to help you with your trip request and you can be assured that I will do my best to find you not only the lowest possible price for the trip you are looking for, but also the best value for your money. Sometimes it's not always about the money, but what you receive in return for your money. All this is done in a very timely manner too.

    My agency has tremendous buying power with the suppliers and they buy in bulk at discounted rates. More often than not I can beat the prices on the Internet and always give you my best service 24/7, not just 9-5. AND IT DOES NOT COST YOU A DIME TO USE MY SERVICES!

    A lot of people are under the misconception that if you use a travel agent it will cost you a service fee. Some agents DO charge a service fee but I have never done that and I won’t. The sites on the Internet, such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, etc. DO charge services fees (the horror stories I have heard are horrendous). Sometimes they are hidden in the cost of the trip, but you are being charged. The supplier (the hotel, the resort, the car rental agency) pays my commission. For instance, if you and I both call Disney we will get exactly the same price on a trip. The difference is by using a travel agent, you may receive an upgraded room, a bottle of wine in your room when you get there, and little perks that booking directly with any company won’t do for you. The suppliers know the travel agents are their loyal customers and will save the better rooms for them, while people who purchase on the Internet are merely bargain hunting and are not loyal customers and the less quality rooms are saved for them. Who has the time to spend hours scouring the Internet for competitive prices, never knowing what you will truly end up with? That’s my job and you can bet by dealing with a travel agent that I’ve done some serious homework before quoting you a price, because I want you to be happy, because that’s my job and I want you to book with me again. So you can just sit back and relax and be assured that your trip is good hands.

    Additionally, as an extra bonus, anyone that books travel will me valued at $2,000 or more will receive a free $50.00 Visa gift card to use any way you want. That’s my way of saying (1) thank you for allowing me to book your trip, (2) I hope we can do business again, and (3) please refer me to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. That way, they can reap the benefits too! So you really can't lose!

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  • Why You Should Book Your Vacation With "Judy’s Travel Online"

    You are a savvy traveler. So why should you work with me as your travel professional? Let me share FIVE great ways I can save you time, hassles and money by arranging an exciting, memorable vacation for you:

    1. VALUE: As your travel professional, travel is my expertise and passion. I can access information and vacation options you may not have even heard of. This specialized knowledge helps me build a vacation designed specifically to meet your needs, wants and budget.

    2. QUALITY & PERSONALIZED SERVICE: It is easy for me to assess the quality of hotels, cruises, tours, etc, that will best suit your budget and lifestyle. It’s also my goal to make sure your trip is problem-free. In the unlikely event an issue does arise, I’ll take action on your behalf.

    3. SAVE TIME: It’s my job to save you time by doing all the research, providing only the best options for you, and handling all the details to make your vacation planning easy and hassle-free.

    4. EXPERIENCE: Come to me with a travel idea and I’ll give you recommendations for a great vacation PLUS some additional creative ideas to consider. With years of experience in selling travel, I have the expertise to create your best vacation yet!

    5. TRUST: At the end of the day, I’m not here just to arrange your trip. It’s my goal to provide you excellent value and to build a relationship with you that will last throughout the lifetime of your travel needs. For a relationship that can only be based on trust. I plan to earn yours.

    Judy L. Paczkowski
  • I specialize in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons. I also specialize in Vacation Rentals--villas, cottages, apartments (& more) practically worldwide. These are great places for weddings, reunions, work place retreats and meetings--and more. I keep up with education, etc., and take certification classes whenever I can knowing that knowledge can be power.
  • I offer trips for singles, solo travelers and friends in their 30s 40s 50s and pay 10% commission to travel agents - Check out my travel agent website.
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