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  • Never been there, never even heard of it, and I'm not a tour operator. I will say this: these shots are different from the Great Salt Flats in Utah or anything else I've ever seen. Gotta go there! 

    • Just realized that I featured photographs of everything BUT the salt flats!  That's how I felt when I first heard of this place about 8 months ago.  Had to go there.  So glad I went.  Can't wait to go back!


  • I guess I missed it last time....drove thru Potosi, Sucre to La Paz...enroute to Lake Titicaca in a 73 Mercedes...part of a classic car rally ..Rio to Rio via Lima and TDF.... Bolivia should be on every adventurers list of places to visit ...the people are some of the friendliest  and I have fond memories of a school in the middle of nowhere...the kids were in uniform but no electricity or modern facilities.....

     When travelling to Bolivia I would suggest that you take school supplies such as pencils and paper pads etc.....they will be most appreciated....

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  • I just traveled to Uyuni in March 2012 and continued to the desert to see the geysers and hot thermal springs.  Not to mention the lagoons full of flamingos! It was spectacular.  Then I went to the Sun Island and also to La Paz.  I am planning to organize a group to go there in April 2013.  I'm glad it's not as popular as it should be.  Then it would be too crowded.  Americans have to pay $135 to get a visa at the border.  But that should not stop us.



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