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Dank chill, drizzle, and streetlamps shrouded in fog are bad weather? A bad time for touring? Depends! In fact, they were just perfect for a nocturnal outing I had in Barcelona last winter that was hair raising – in a good way. And what better day than Halloween to tell you about it?

Like most ancient cities, Catalonia’s capital is chock-full full of history, legends – and ghosts. And if that kind of thing gets your ecoplasm going, the city’s tourism office runs a creepy little stroll that might be right up your dark alley.

Conducted from 10:30 pm to midnight on Fridays during winter and Fridays/Saturdays the rest of the year, “Fantasmes de Barcelona” is based on an eponymous book by Catalan author Sylvia Lagarda Mata, who collected stories about ghosts, murders, legends, and mysteries of the city, especially during the Middle Ages.

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