Once its own country, Texas is far from a one-trick pony. The cool city scenes in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio mix with wineries, beaches, Spanish missions, outdoor action, & lovely hill country. Plus, remember the Alamo?

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Texas featured in 'Barbecue in the USA: A Quick Primer'

  vwcampin In the USA, barbecue is a year-round treat, and many regions of the country – mostly in the American South – have their own particular slant on the art of roasting, smoking, and saucing meats on a nice hot grill or in a smoker or pit. But summertime is especially barbecue time here, when BBQ cookouts are common. Here’s a quick primer of the top variations for those of you visiting soon.   read post  

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Beyond oil & 'ride 'em, cowboy!': Why Dallas is a delight

 Art WagerHere’s a question for you: In which city would you find the USA’s largest arts district? New York City? Los Angeles? Chicago? Perhaps even Washington DC? The answer, you might be surprised to hear, is the third-largest city in Texas: Dallas. With no fewer than 19 blocks of museums, galleries, and exhibitions, the Dallas Arts District is a must for those with art in their hearts – yet another great reason why we’re excited to announce our first-ever direct flight to “the Big D” from…

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Salgado's Stagecoach Inn in 'Sleeping with History at 7 of the USA's most Historic Hotels'

Stagecoach Inn/Belton Library How would you like to spend a night or more at a hotel once frequented by Clark Gable, Ingrid Berman, Marilyn Monroe and a long list of other Tinseltown luminaries? Or snuggle down under the sheets at a former stagecoach stop along the famous Chisolm Trail which played host to George Custer, the cavalry commander in the Civil and American Indian Wars, and Jesse James, who needs no introduction? If luxury and elegance are your preference, how about the Hotel Du…

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Fort Worth & Adrian in 'Nostalgia Front & Center in Some U.S. Museums & Eateries'

Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame Louis Kaplan is channeling his childhood.  While a youngster, he collected baseball cards which he stored in boxes and treasured as souvenirs of the USA's favorite pastime.  Decades later, he’s reliving that time while visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, upstate New York.  Opportunities to recapture memories from the past are of course not limited to baseball, nor to New York. From Coca-Cola to cars, movies to museums,…

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  • Although we are full-time travelers our address is still in Texas. Yes, we are Escapees but with a twist. We are no longer traveling in an RV.  That being said, we often return to the Lone Star State. Check out my most recent article set in San Antonio: Monster Maze and Pumpkin Patch Fun

  • A volcanic legacy creates legendary vistas of canyons, lakes, hoodoos, limestone cliffs, desert, riparian forest, and grasslands. A historic legacy of Native Americans, Mexican, Spanish and European settlers color the history, architecture and culture. From remote backcountry to quaint towns, the Rio Grande to wine country, explore the unique beauty of Texas. http://www.myscenicdrives.com/regions/texas
  • Ever heard of Houston's beer can house? You've gotta see it to believe it -- and it's one of our latest blog entries.
  • Today on The World on Wheels, it's an accessible adventure to Galveston Island and the beach: http://tinyurl.com/6xckgry
    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
  • Howdy! If y'all have any pointers for a Tripatini member looking for must-do stuff in the Lone Star State, please respond by clicking on this link to Ask A Travel Pro.  Thanks!!
  • Jose - I used to live in Houston and have a wealth of blogs and articles I've never published about the goings on in Houston that you could forward on to Stephanie.
  • Hey everyone, I'm currently based in Utah trying to move my agency to Texas, is there any state grants or private fund companies in Texas that could possibly help me get down there?
  • Want to know more about Texas State Parks and nature tourism in Texas, as a public information specialist for Texas Parks & Wildlife, I'll do my best to help. Happy travels.
  • Oil on beaches, dead fish, and now, oil-spill scams. Be careful! http://bit.ly/dD7TZN
    Avoiding Gulf Coast Oil Spill Charity Frauds and Job Scams
    The good guys are volunteering and working overtime to undo the damage of the BP oil spill, the worst environmental disaster US history. Beware of fr…
  • Let's help out the new Houston Tourism Examiner for Examiner.com, Stephanie Moreland, who needs Texas travel story ideas. She's especially interested in things that are within close proximity to Houston. Anything pertaining to budget travel, culinary travel, outdoor adventure, and festivals and special events are of interest. If you have any leads, please post them here, and indicate if you have photos available, and we'll get the info to Stephanie! Thanks!!
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