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Here’s a question for you: In which city would you find the USA’s largest arts district? New York City? Los Angeles? Chicago? Perhaps even Washington DC? The answer, you might be surprised to hear, is the third-largest city in Texas: Dallas. With no fewer than 19 blocks of museums, galleries, and exhibitions, the Dallas Arts District is a must for those with art in their hearts – yet another great reason why we’re excited to announce our first-ever direct flight to “the Big D” from Spain.

Founded as a settlement in 1841, by the 1870’s Dallas’ core industries had become farming and ranching, an introduction of a railroad in 1872 catalysed the local economy by making its cotton and cattle more accessible to the rest of the country. Some 70 years later, in the 1940’s, a burgeoning petroleum industry helped Texans take the economical bull by the horns again, and drilling made the city synonymous with the "Big Oil”. The longrunning evening-soap-opera phenomenon Dallas (1978-1991) opened a window into the Big Oil days, centred around the wealthy, perpetually at-war Ewing family, which made their mint off petroleum as well as ranching (fans can pay homage to the show and visit the set at Southfork Ranch).

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