The Great Migration & River Crossing

By the late East African winter, herds a million-strong amass along the swollen Mara River: the final barrier to cross over to the rain-sweetened plains of Masai Mara. Seeking safe shallows to journey across the river the bulk of the herd scouts waters boiling with slashing crocodile and hippo. This is the climatic site of the Lamai Triangle - bordered amid two nations, the crossroads for the great migration to leap from the vast Serengeti savannah on to the lush plains of Masai Mara in Kenya.

Africa’s most-dramatic Big Cat safari
Hot on the trail of the migration are the Serengeti’s most formidable predators: large prides of Black-maned Lion, Cheetah who flourish in this perfect sprinting habitat, packs of powerful hyena and the solitary leopards of the shadowy acacia groves. Their interactive hunting patterns and witnessing young cubs learning to stalk for the first time make the gathered herds and the predators who seek them one of the Greatest Wildlife Experiences on Earth, quite unlike any place else in Africa.

The Gnus crossing Mara river.jpg

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