What is a single-malt whisky? Plus some prime examples


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Few spirits have captured the hearts and palates of spirits enthusiasts quite like whisky, a sophisticated elixir born from the perfect blend of time-honored tradition, premium ingredients, and meticulous craftsmanship. Distilled in Scotland and Ireland since at least the 15th century, single malt is now also produced in more than two dozen other countries, even including the likes of Brazil, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, and Taiwan. Whisky is also widely available online, and you´ll see that there are many different types, but one of the most popular and revered varieties is single malt which connoisseurs consider to be the pinnacle of the spirit, as it is crafted using only the most superior ingredients and traditional techniques, typically in small batches. And due to its higher quality and more limited production, it is generally more expensive than blended whiskies.

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