A week in bourbon country: Louisville, Kentucky

While we do continue to dream of international travel, with the flair of the exotic and unknown, we often crave easier trips that blend the immense beauty of the American outdoors with wonderful culinary explorations. To that end, ever since I moved to Atlanta a few years ago, with bourbon country in Kentucky within an easy half-day drive’s reach, I had been craving a hop in the car for a spin around the Bourbon Trail. For us, winters are all about either red wine or whiskey – and how can we not be loyal to the wonderful makers of the smooth bourbon that is an American craft tradition.

A couple of notes to keep in mind in exploring the Bourbon Trail: most distilleries do 1-hour-ish long tours and then longer 2-3 hours behind-the-scenes tours. After a few behind-the-scene tours, you may find that they all begin to sound alike. We highly recommend that you choose to do an extended tour at 1 or max. 2 of the major distilleries, such as Maker’s Mark & Woodford Reserve, and then enjoy the shorter intro tours anywhere else you go. Also, do keep in mind that some distilleries are 30 minutes to 1 hour apart – double check drive times as you plan, and look forward to enjoying the scenic views of horse country as part of the Bourbon Trail experience.

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