Why you'll fall in love with Ibiza

Who hasn't heard about the nightlife in Ibiza? People partying until the morning, the sun beautifully shining above the crystal-clear water – all the elements of this mesmerizing place make people add it to their travel journal in an instant. Even though Ibiza is mostly known for the wild parties that last two days and nights in a row, this island is one described by contrasts. If you’re just looking for a relaxing morning, enjoying sunbaths next to beautiful palm trees and calm waters, a holiday in Ibiza can suit all of your preferences. Because of the many activities, you can choose on this island, Ibiza is one of the most visited places in the world.

This island is located in the Balearic Archipelago, and is geographically a part of Spain. The language mostly spoken is Catalan, but since so many visitors are coming and going you’ll do just fine speaking English. The city of Ibiza is the capital of the whole Island, being the main attraction point. Not many people know that Ibiza is now protected by UNESCO, meaning that you will be surrounded by the cleanest beaches and the kindest locals. The climate is favorable during spring, summer and autumn included. Anyone who wants to visit Ibiza should first think about booking flights. Considering that it is a popular destination, there are low chances to find a last-minute plane ticket during the most crowded season.

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