A prosperous, densely populated city-state hanging off the tip of Malaysia, Singapore offers a funky mix of modern and traditional, plus Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures.

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Some top attractions of Singapore

Singapore (nicknamed "the Lion City") is Asia’s favorite holiday destination. Polished and pampered, for the visitor it packs quite a punch in a small package. Full of character and surprisingly accommodating, this city is alive throughout the night and bustling all through the day. First time in here? A great two-day Singapore itinerary includes exciting top attractions, shopping districts, and modern marvels, as well as the leisurely, tropical side of this unique city-state. read post

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Tips for visiting Singapore

Singapore is a multi-ethnic metropolis-with the Chinese musical show, Feng Shui in addition to chopsticks existing congruously close by saris and Hindu temples - a mixture of cultures that is also Asia's wealthiest state. You can get lots of information and plan a trip with our Singapore trip planner. read post

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Singapore must-visits and tips

Singapore, the thriving cosmopolitan city is a melting pot of different cultures. It has world-class attractions, variety of restaurants, luxurious hotels and nightlife options, which means you will never have a dull day in the Land of the Dragon. When there’s so much see, it is always better to opt for Singapore land packages to make the most of the vacation. In this blog post, here are a few key attractions that must be in your travel itinerary.read post

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Singapore Air among top 3 in the world for best baggage allowances

One of the first things that come to a person’s mind after going through hours of travel planning and booking the flight tickets is what to pack and what not to. Yes, baggage plays an important part of any journey and when you travel by flight, there’s a restriction on the same. Every airline has its own set of rules and regulations for baggage allowance. We have picked for you three airlines that have one of the baggage allowances... read post

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  • www.indochinas.com for Asia tours.
  • Singapore - great place to be visited
  • Uniquely Singapore evolves into YourSingapore
    March 19, 2010

    (Forimmediaterelease.net) The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched an evolution of Singapore’s destination brand – from “Uniquely Singapore” to “YourSingapore” – which underpins Singapore’s strengths as a destination, that is, an experience which can be easily personalised thanks to the concentration of sights, sounds, tastes, culture and attractions coupled with unparalleled user-centricity.

    As a brand, YourSingapore articulates Singapore’s uniqueness and captures what travellers seek – a personal travel experience. Such a personalised travel experience offers an emotional reward of empowerment and liberation that allows visitors to travel on their own terms, according to their individual needs, preference and interests.

    YourSingapore differentiates Singapore’s value proposition from that of competitors; ensuring Singapore remains relevant and compelling to today’s travellers, as brand equity and brand recall have an impact on visitor arrivals and tourism receipts. It delivers on Singapore’s promise to provide a concentration of multi-faceted and user-centric travel experiences as well as positions the destination as one that is future-facing and inspiring; one where visitors are invited to make their virtual experience of Singapore a reality.

    At the heart of the campaign is a holistic digital approach that includes a new website, significant investment into search engine marketing, blogger engagement, mobile, social media and travel e-commerce. These platforms will engage visitors’ pre, during and post arrival and will be aggressively promoted.

    www.yoursingapore.com is an innovative and interactive platform that allows travellers to conceptualise and plan their individual Singapore travel itinerary in a user-friendly manner. The campaign website facilitates sharing of experiences among travellers and local residents alike, and will be powered by up-to-date multimedia content about all things Singapore. The website www.yoursingapore.com will deliver a new virtual experience that no other destination website currently offers.

    In the past few years, the way that people plan and book travel has fundamentally shifted from passive content consumption to the active engagement of empowered individuals, primarily due to the dominance of digital and social media. Video on demand, online news, blogs and websites that enable social interaction have changed the way that travellers seek and obtain information. YourSingapore is a response to the pervasive influence of digital media and the rise of virtual communities, as well as consumer demands for personalised travel plans.


    Recognising the successful branding efforts of the Uniquely Singapore campaign over the last five years, it was clear that the next chapter in the brand story would necessarily be an evolution, a natural transition, and not an overhaul.

    Launched in 2004, Uniquely Singapore sought to build on Singapore’s position as a must-visit destination globally – one with an exciting range of vibrant, trendy and memorable experiences for discerning leisure or business travellers; delivering a unique, personal experience, which is beyond what words alone can convey. Uniquely Singapore built the foundation for key concepts that are crystallized in YourSingapore, namely its concentration of offerings which are easily accessible and user-centric, empowering travellers to easily personalise their own unique Singapore experience.

    Ken Low, Assistant Chief Executive of the STB’s Marketing Group says, “The strategy in developing YourSingapore was three-pronged: to leverage the equity of the Uniquely Singapore brand by single-mindedly qualifying Singapore’s uniqueness and attributes as a destination; build upon the emotional connection that visitors experience in Singapore and at the same time connect with potential visitors in the digital media space. YourSingapore taps into the motivational factors which drive their decision-making while differentiating Singapore in the destination brand marketplace.”

    Mr Low added, “We firmly believe that to differentiate Singapore in what is becoming a crowded market for destination marketing, STB has to embrace global trends and the shift in media consumption, to the extent that we have put digital at the heart of our marketing communications, in order to transform the way we reach out to our potential visitors. We will continue to use traditional media in our communications but it will play a more specific role to emotionally engage our audience and drive potential visitors to our digital platforms where they can experience and have a glimpse into what Singapore has to offer”
  • i am the vice president of 50 year old travel agency and the first one in kerala ,india
    thanks for welcoming into the forum
    my email id is vijayakumar@ktinterserve.com
  • I am a travel writer on assignment. Will stay in Singapore for four weeks in March-April. I'm looking for local activities and restaurants to feature in my story. Please advise: editor.krasov@gmail.com. Thank you, Emma Krasov
  • Meritus Mandarin Singapore has just changed its name to Mandarin Orchard Singapore to associate the hotel more clearly with the popular Orchard shopping & entertainment district. It's still owned by Overseas Union Enterprise Ltd.
  • Singapore gets a shout-out in this week's Tripatini blog survey of hot destinations for 2010. Check it out!
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