Hi all. I've got a very quick turnaround for AOL Travel (due late Tuesday, 4/5). The piece is Top 10 Metros for Public Art. I'm including Singapore.


I'm hoping someone can provide P.R./official contacts for the Singapore Metro Arts program, or at the very least the city (please feel free to forward this email). Please feel free to email me directly at frqtflyr@aol.com; I'll happily provide more information and my bio.

I need an overview/history of the Metro Arts program, its philosophy and mission, any ongoing projects, and quotes (either from the Metro Arts director or perhaps contemporary artists whose work is represented) about Public Art & Public Transportation, both as a general concept and specifically of course to Singapore. Especially from a visitor's standpoint: what does public art in the metro tell the traveler about the destination, how does it enhance the traveler's experience, what is its sociocultural significance, etc?
I'll also need images for the piece---and in fact, if there are specific artworks that really help crystallize what the Metro Arts program is about, let me know.
Complicating the last-minute assignment is the fact that I'm traveling (and trying to bury several other deadlines before they---and I!---decompose). 
Many thanks in advance for all your help!
Jordan Simon

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