This paradisiacal country of 115 islands and atolls (the largest and capital island being Mahé) out in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa is, as you'd expect, beach-and-diving heaven. Upscale tourism, a spot of nightlife, & plenty of castaway isles.

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4 best budget lodgings on La Digue island

The paradisiacal 115-island archipelago in the Indian Ocean 932 miles off the east coast of Africa is legendary for its turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and lush hills surrounded by palm trees are truly spellbinding. Though famed for its luxury resorts, there's also an ample choice of lodgings for those looking to economize. For example, on La Digue, the Seychelles' third largest island (just over ten square kilometers, connected by ferry to the main island Mahé and other islands), here's…

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Seychelles 1 of 8 dreamy destinations threatened by climate change

Travel Bucket List 2018: 8 Awesome Island Destinations Threatened by Climate ChangeIn the travel media business, the end of the old year is usually accompanied by articles on where to travel in the new year. But if you’re casting about for off-the-beaten-track ideas, you could do worse that starting to experience the delightful tropical islands of the world that will be the first, in the not distant future, to be threatened by the sea-level rise brought by climate change. expected to be 10 to…

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  • An interesting BBC Travel look at the vibrant culture and fascinating history of Victoria, one of the world's smallest capital cities:
    One of the world's smallest capital cities
    Built on land reclaimed from the sea, Seychelles' tiny capital city can't get any bigger – but with a vibrant culture and fascinating history, it doe…
  • I recommend Masons travel  in Seychelles. I have used them in the past and services are top notch.

    Nayaz Noor


    Safir Tours



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