One of America's most historic states, it ranges from the urban flair (and grit) of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to the bucolic beauties of the Poconos, Dutch Country, and Bucks County. And for history, don't you dare miss Philly and Gettysburg!

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Longwood Gardens in 'Spring Has Sprung & U.S. Gardens Await Discovery'

Spring is here, and summer's already around the corner!  If you’re a flower gardener - and the National Gardening Association estimates that members of over a third of U.S. households are - you already may have begun to till soil and plant seeds. And those who like to travel as well as garden (as well as those who enjoy gardens more by watching than working), now is time to plan a trip to take in some of Mother Nature’s bountiful beauty. Gardens come in a variety of types, sizes and offerings.…

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Deerfield Retreat & Spa in the Pocono Mountains

Admittedly, I'd never heard of Lo-Wei, a unique exercise class that combines yoga, strength training and flexibility that stretched my body in ways my mind never thought possible. But it is only one of almost three dozen fitness classes, all part of the dawn-to-dusk workout, weight loss, and education focus of the one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive Deerfield Health Retreat and Spa in East Stroudsburg, in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania, where my friend Kathy and I spent three nights a while…

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Kinzua Sky Walk cited in 'In the USA this Fall, Combine Foliage with Adventure'

Dan and Mary Stroudt oooh and aaah at the multicolored scenery below the hot air balloon in which they’re riding. The journey is very different for Mark and Marylee Sutherland as they help to paddle a rubber raft along a stretch of whitewater in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Betsy Goodman and Tom Cross are traveling at a slower pace, strolling across a glass-bottom observation deck. These disparate experiences may seem to have little in common, but they do. They provide…

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  • Is CNN following your tweets, Ed? Check this out:

    Pittsburgh: From grime to glam
    By Jordan Valinsky

    PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- Just 10 years ago, you couldn't mention the words "posh" and "Pittsburgh" in the same sentence without a collective laugh. Not anymore. Keep reading...
    Pittsburgh: From grime to glam -
    Just 10 years ago, you couldn't mention the words "posh" and "Pittsburgh" in the same sentence without a collective laugh. Not anymore.
  • Better late than never, I want to alert you to the tweets (@EdWetschler) and Facebook posts I'm doing this week on 8 Reasons the G-20 Suits Should Extend their Stays in Pittsburgh.
  • Thanks, Cara, that's great stuff!
  • JoAnn, do you have Rob's current e-mail handy? We'd like to invite him to the site. Have a great weekend!
  • Hi Jose & co , There's no shortage of cool things for 20/30s to do in Philly. A dozen art collectives around today are always up to somehing. Oct. sees Fashion Week, Design Philadelphia, the 18th 1/2 Philldelphia Festival and P.O.S.T. Open studio tours. Insider tips and deals on our blog or web site, One more site, becides what JoAnn suggested (hi!) is
  • Way to go, JoAnn. Also see -- and, while we're at it, for similar sites for other burgs.
  • Thanks, JoAnn, for the great info! Funny coincidence, I know Rob DiGiacomo, he wrote for us when we wrote and edited a travel guidebook for Harper Collins back in the 90s!
  • The best way to get from NYC-Phila is fares are as low as $1 each way depending on when you book and what times you choose; typically r/t are $15-20. Ride takes two hours... Other good tips: lots and lots of generous happy hours around town, and in the new Comcast Center, Table 31 has cheap bar eats all night every night. Check Cheap Eats Phila contributor for more (a friend of mine, Rob DiGiacomo). Also, check the Center City District's web site, they run lots of free promos (like Weds eve, free parking near Rittenhouse and South St shopping areas).
  • Thanks, Ed, that's a great tip!!
  • I'm not as up on the cheap NY-Philly buses as I should be. But I'll praise Philly's BYOB restaurants 'till your ears fall off. At least count, there were about 200 of them, and they range from little ethnic places to informal spots with very good food (e.g. Audrey Claire) to serious chefs' showplaces. Lots of young people take advantage of this, walking in with brown bags. And there is nothing like this phenomenon anywhere else in the USA.
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