Natural beauty, beaches, folklore, historic sites -- the southernmost of the Baltics has it all (not to mention one of the world's great basketball teams!). 

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Lithuania's 2nd city Kaunas one of 3 European Capitals of Culture in 2022

Diliff   Annually since 1985, the cultural poobahs of the European Union have desginated one or more of the continent's cities (and as of 2022 it's three), as Capitals of Culture, focusing on their cultural offerings, allowing them to organize a series of cultural events (many with a strong pan-European dimension); bring in considerable additional revenue; foster urban renewal; and raise their international profiles and images. Since the first one, Athens, most of the better known cities have…

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A video overview of capital Vilnius

I visited Lithuania's capital many many years ago - in the early 1990s, shortly after independence - and found it pleasant but kind of sleepy and dull. In coming across this video recently while researching a return to the Baltics in 2022, I found this intro to the main sights of Vilnius - recognizing several of them - and while watching, it seemed to me that while things have changed here somewhat, it remains a pretty low-key city, and less interesting than neighboring Tallinn and even Riga,…

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  • Find out why CNN Travel listed Lithuania as one of its places to travel in 2023:
  • The Guardian just ran a piece about ten European cities with some of the best street art these days, and Kaunas makes the list, undoubtedly linked - as cause or effect - to its tenure as one of 2022's European Capitals of Culture:
    ‘Brilliant and ever-changing’: readers’ favourite street art in Europe | Street art | The Guardian
    From Penge to Sardinia, exuberant street art makes neighbourhoods more vibrant and casts light on local history and culture – or just gives you a lau…
  • Lithuania gets a shout-out in this week's Tripatini blog survey of 2010 travel hotspots. Check it out!
  • I was in Lithuania in 1992, shortly after independence, and I thought Vilnius was so beautiful, in a melancholy, land-that-time-forgot kind of way. I'm sure it's much more hopping right now; I'd love to go back!
  • I was in Vilnius in the early 90's, not recently. Even then, I thought Riga and Tallinn were much more "happening." Looking forward to reading your postings.
  • Visited Lithuania for the first time last year - was also my first visit to the former Soviet Union. Here are a couple of blog postings I've written about the experience (with an authentic photo of cepelinai, zeppelin-shaped dumplings!):

    Red Menace: Communist-Era Relics
    Lithuania: Comfort Food Central
    Familiarity Breeds Content

    Red Menace: Communist-Era Relics
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