Jamaica, A Quarter Century Later...What Will We Find?

A bit over 25 years ago, the wife and I made a trip to Jamaica to kick off our travel life together.  We stayed at a wonderful, all-inclusive, called Eden II that was party central for young couples like ourselves.

Now, we' closer to retirement than the dawn of our careers and our son is coming along to see what he missed way back then when he was only two.

At The World on Wheels, we're kicking off our Caribbean with a series of reports on our time on the island of Irie, starting off with yesterday's Cocktail Hour and today's article.

Today, we report on actually getting there and the misadventures of dealing with management at our hotel to insure we get what we paid for. 

Last time, it was a six and a half hour non-stop flight on Air Jamaica (well, actually a Hawaiian Airlines DC-8, which was contracted with by AJ at the last minute because their airbus was seized by the DEA in Miami when cocaine was found in the hold). Today, it's two American Airlines flights, with a long layover in Miami, making our total trip time around 20 hours door-to-door.

That's in addition to the extra day we had to spend arguing with the hotel to get the actual room we paid for.  Will it all work out? Come on over to The World on Wheels and come along on our all-new Jamaican Adventure, complete with video, too.

Darryl Musick

The World on Wheels

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