• Hello Honglin:

    You need to ask yourself what is the one thing you most want from this trip.  If scenic then it would sound like you want to be outdoors and that would mean either the seashore, which could be the Ligerian Coast (Cinque Terre is part of this) or the Amalfi Coast, or the Tuscan hillside with its soft light.  If you expand outside of that, try Rome for a few days and then consider Siena, medievel walled city, but a week will only whet your appetitie.  Have fun.  If you want specific help I'm at

  • You should visit Tuscany:



    Cinque Terra


    These are a good start and you will have plenty to talk about on your return. If you need more help let me know

    If you need help with accommodation let us know.

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  • Assisi is historical, spiritual, intimate, and very walkable if you love hills.  Fabulous, warm people. See Giotto fresca at the Basillica of St. Francis; St. Francis' spiritual retreat, The Hermitage. I stay at the Hotel Giotto, which overlooks the Umbrian Valley and is in the center of the city. A very short walk to the city's commune.  About forty-five minutes by train to Perugia, two hours to Florence. I've been to Assisi three times, for a total of six weeks, and am not finished discovering its gems tucked into circuitous pathways and almost hidden corners. 

  • Depends upon your Interest, Italy has a lot to offer, the most important being Rome, Florence, Venice,

    Suggest the following :

    Day 1. Arrive Rome, to your Hotel, Depending upon time of arrival, you may go in for a half day conducted tour to visit the must of Rome.

    Day 2 : A full Day tour of Rome.

    Day 3 : Morning Take a Train to Florence, Visit the Art Galeries.

    Day 4 : Visit to Pisa.

    Day 5 : Train to Venice, Walking tour of Venice, Enjoy the Gondola Ride.

    Day 6 : Venice.

    Day 7 : Departure.

    Above is just a brief, let me know your interests to suggest accordingly.

    Following would give in some info on places as per above in reverse order. Do not look at dates and prices, they are outdated to be changed.

  • By "scenic," do you mean outdoor scenery, or do you mean things you should see?

    The Big Three cities in Italy are Rome, Venice, and Florence. The problem is, you need a week just to see the Must-See sights in Rome -- the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese, etc. What do you like to do/see? Would you consider seeing only two of the big three -- perhaps skipping Florence??

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