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  • Well, our facebook is going now...Thanks for the advice.  Feel free to like us at we will be having some contests and promotions in the future with prizes.

  • I have a website which is a national directory of Bed and Breakfast inns.  I hope to learn more and help out too, in this group.

    Welcome to nginx!
  • A Tripatini member is asking about strategies for identifying likeminded tour operators with which to cooperate on marketing. If you have any thoughts on the subject, kindly reply at this link to our Ask A Travel Expert forum. Thanks!!

  • Hi friends, looking for a printable daily news front page (USA or Europe) on the web to give every morning to my clients at the cruise terminal of Pisa/Florence Italy before starting our oenogastronomic tuor of Tuscany. Any address or suggestion?

  • Letter of Request


    Dear Sir/ Madam:


    It is a great pleasure for me to extend my greeting to you on behalf of our company Amran Ethiopia Tour and Travel Agency.  Basing its head office in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Amran has come to be one of the very renowned companies on the tour and travel industry.


    I am, therefore, writing this request letter hoping there could be a possibility for us to work together – being partners. Forming a partnership with us, your company will have a much easier access to the wonderful tourist sites in Ethiopia. For we have quite an adequate equipment that the tour industry necessitates, you partnership would certainly be of a great benefit.


    Services that any tourist may require have always been ready; waiting to satisfy their needs. Tour guiding, ticketing, hotel room booking, car renting are few of the services that our company provides. Modern and comfortable vehicles that are friendly to the country’s climate are available. Our tour guides speak English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Russian with fluency.


    Our company, as you will soon realize, has immense potential on the tour and travel industry. Therefore, I have attached the sample packages of our tour and travel services hoping that it will give you a more elaborated sight in to the company’s massive potential.


    My heartfelt gratitude is in advance for your consideration of our company to be your partner on our effort towards excellence.





    Sincerely yours,


    Bruik Tariku, Managing Director

  • Facebook or Twitter? Which do like best for marketing your travel practice?
  • So let's get the conversation going and create some talking points.

    A while back I coordinated the Travel Blog Project. This was 230 travel agents marketing online for 100 days. Our goal was to use only FREE of cost marketing opportunities that the Internet provides. We created blogs and Facebook Fan pages to appear as mini-websites. We posted on Twitter and sent out free press releases. We analyzed our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and posted about them. We created a one-week marketing campaign called The Action Plan about a special travel experience that included a blog post, website landing page, Facebook Fan page update, Twitter Tweeting and a press release. We achieved our goal of increasing the agent’s online footprint branded as a travel professional.

    I have written an e-book called Lessons Learned from the Travel Blog Project which was written as step-by-step method to create a blogging, Facebook and Twitter marketing campaign to effectively brand YOU as an expert in your chosen travel niche. I wanted to make it available to the Tripatini Community to get the conversation about web marketing going.

    You can download the e-book FREE from



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