Need Advice for Hiking Hats?

Hi Everyone!

I am planning to visit a few camping and hiking sites in the USA this summer. Mount Rainier National Park of Washington, Shenandoah National Park of Virginia and White Mountain Forest of New Hampshire and Maine are on our list. Probably, my family would add 2-3 more places here. However, we are preparing for this trip nowadays and purchasing all hiking related gear with great care.

Withal, I am a little confused about the hiking hats. As we are planning our trip in summer, that's why the use of hats would be mandatory. In the beginning, I was about to order hiking hats from a retailer, but my dad recommended me to find them from a hat wholesaler like this. Although all hats of this wholesale are looking good but I am not sure which one would be the best for hiking purpose. 

I would be grateful if you share your thoughts in this regard. Yes, you can also share other sources other than the mentioned one to buy hiking hats.

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