The size of Britain, South America's only English-speaking country is off the beaten track, under the radar, & home to ecotourism, adventure, Caribbean beaches, & fascinating communities of African, European, Asian, & Native American stock.

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  • This post published several months ago makes a good case for Guyana as one of the most "thrilling" destinations of 2022, especially for eco and adventure lovers:
    12 Reasons Why Guyana's 2022's Most Thrilling Destination
    Home to giant wildlife, pristine rainforest & spectacular waterfalls, Guyana is South America's must-visit destination for the coming year.
  • Hi ..  I would like to discuss Tourism in Guyana  at the present time in the COVID-19 era.

  • Whenever you have a chance, Dorothy. It sounds like you had quite an adventure!
  • Sure, Jose. I have zillions of pix, none of them edited as yet. But I'm not sure how to post any here. It's a land of rivers. Lots of birds--no pix of them though. I went out caiman-hunting one night with a research team; fascinating. I was mostly down in the southern savannah area near the Rupununi River, not in jungley areas.
  • I've always wanted to go to the three Guyanas. If you have time to post some pics on the site, I'd love to see them, Dorothy!
  • Dorothy the insect bites don't scare me and you've just put Guyana on my wish list.
  • I'm just back from three weeks in fascinating Guyana. Loved it--even though I'm covered with insect bites. Sadly, the looked-forward-to excursion to Kaietur Falls was cancelled that very morning, due to weather conditions at destination. And I left the next day. But Yupukari and Karanambu were wonderful. I highly recommend Guyana as a country worth exploring.
  • Success! I leave Jan. 28 for Guyana and will head from Georgetown to Yupukari to volunteer for Yupukari Learners, an NGO established by an American woman a few years ago. It is involved in schools, libraries and other social service for that Amerindian community on the Rupununi River in southern Guyana. Two weeks of volunteer work, one of independent travel. Doesn't that sound enticing? 
  • Hi Dorothy:

    Well, teaching english won't work in Guyana since it's already an english-speaking country (!) However if you are interested in working at an Amerindian village school I can put you in touch with the headmasters at a few villages that might be open to having some help in the classroom.

    Drop me a note: and I'll share some contact information with you there.
  • Over the course of many years I've volunteered 22 separate times in 14 countries. I'm looking at next February for 2 weeks--plus a little travel time--in Guyana or Suriname. I've done Earthwatch projects, but usually teach English, as I did in Ghana last month for 3 weeks. I have computer skills & do travel photography and travel writing.
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